Artist app

Artist app

As an artist, sell your music and tickets from your app.

As an artist, you enhance your exposure with a music app. Simply turn the AppMachine dials and you are already mixing your own app. Integrate your online platforms and social networks easily:

With a music app you can reach more people and improve your contact with fans. Your app is on your fans’ smartphones, which they have with them virtually 24/7. This way they can always listen to your music, and can even buy directly from your app. An app like this is sure to turn a few heads… and ears!

Ticket sales

You can also sell tickets for concerts from your app. Has here been a change to the tour schedule? One click, and everyone knows. Produce your own playlists and the podcasts you want people to hear. Follow the lead set by Armin van Buuren, Markus Schultz, Pete Tha Zouk and Ferry Corsten.

Example apps

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