Use RSS and Push messages


Broadcast your team news to the right audience. Send a push message to draw maximum attention: “Today’s game suspended due to bad weather”. Or “Sensational 3-2 win for squad X”

To ensure the message reaches the target audience, you can make several categories of push messages users can subscribe to. Only interested in team news of the Boys U11 squad? Unsubscribe to U10, U9 et cetera.

start building sport apps

Stadium, sports club or Studio Locator


Add location markers to a map, including any information you like to add such as: a studio locator, the stadium, addresses with sat nav included, direct call phone numbers.

Photo, Video and Social Media


Add your Facebook community pages to your app. The in-app Facebook page will have the look and feel of your app and contains all regular functions such as likes and comments.  Show your training videos using YouTube, live stream games or races and update photo’s automatically through Facebook or Instagram #beingfit #sports.

Detailed info, from scorecard to photo


Use a sport app to show a complete guide to your squad or every individual player. Show a list of players including tactics, goals and hobbies. Or add a short interview with every player. For coaches or parents you just add a password protected part in the app with phone numbers and emails of the players. That makes it easy to get in touch with a single tap.

team members

Show detailed information on team members

League standings

Show results

Push Notifications

Let people know there is an extra class


Show a timetabel with different practice times