Fancy Food Truck Festivals? This Is The App To Have

App Review by John on 29 Jun 2015

Fancy good food at nice locations? Than Reizende Sterren (Travelling Stars) is a welcome addition to your smartphone. The wonderfully designed and free app presents a list of food trucks, street food festivals and other mobile kitchens in the Netherlands and just over the borders.

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New Push Messages: Geo-based and by Category

App building by John on 22 Jun 2015

Improve your app and your interaction with users with two new ways of sending push notifications: 1. geo-based push messages and 2. push messages by category.

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City Uses App For Royal Sightseeing Tour

App Review by Hendrik on 22 Jun 2015

The Royal Family is coming to town so the city wants to shine and show itself in its best light. According to the Dutch town Zwolle a mobile app is a perfect way to sing its praises. The Royal Hiking Trail app takes visitors with video, text and audio for a walk through the historical center with various Royal sightseeing spots.

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5 Tips To Expand Your Business By Selling Apps

App building, Reseller by Hendrik on 22 Jun 2015

Ask a dozen experts how to expand your business and the most frequently given answer will definitely be: add a new service or product. Sounds easy, is easy. You can start your mobile apps business today.


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App of the month: Palestine On A Plate

App Review, Reseller by Hendrik on 22 Jun 2015

Joudie Kalla is a Palestinian chef that takes olden day cooking to a new and modern dimension. No surprise her recipes are also presented in the most modern way: The Palestine on a Plate app serves over 50 appetizing Palestinian recipes, from Pomegranate Prawns to Pumpkin Mutabbal, right on your smartphone.


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New: Send Push Messages With Your Smartphone

App building by John on 28 Apr 2015

Apps are all about user engagement, and push messages are powerful engagement tools. So we have made sending push messages even easier: deliver messages directly from your app with your own smartphone.

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How Harry met AppMachine And Started Selling Apps

Reseller by John on 14 Apr 2015

When app builder Harry met sassy AppMachine, it was love at first sight. “Wow, is it that easy to build mobile apps for clients”, he thought. “This club is gonna make it, so I’d better join them.”


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How To Design Your App

Building an App, Design & User Experience by Johnny on 31 Mar 2015

How to design an app? Not just any  app, but an incredibly gorgeous app? With these pro tips for app design you make the most professional, gorgeous and sophisticated app.

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Dancefair App: Stunning Design With State Of The Art Tech

App Review by John on 16 Mar 2015

A stunning design combined with state of the art technology. The Dancefair App is a best practice event app and fully deserves to be our app of the month.

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Instant AppMachine: The SMB App You Make In Minutes

AppMachine News, Mobile News by John on 13 Mar 2015

Meet Instant AppMachine: the new generation of app making software. Create your own app in just minutes on a smartphone, tablet or desktop. 

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SMBs Get Sneak Peek Of Mobile Future at SXSW

AppMachine News, Mobile News by John on 11 Mar 2015

America’s SMBs will get the first sneak peek of their mobile future at SXWS Interactive 2015. AppMachine partner Endurance International Group is the official sponsor and host of Upload/Download Happy Hour of SXWS and will unveil the first signs of Endurance’s exciting new mobile collaboration with AppMachine.


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Why It Is Time To Have An App

Mobile News by John on 5 Mar 2015

There’s a new generation of customers using mobile almost exclusively for contact, search queries and purchases. How do you service these mobile customers? With a mobile friendly website or a mobile app? That should not be the question: you urgently need both.

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AppMachine Gets $15.2 Million Investment From Endurance

AppMachine News by John on 24 Feb 2015

AppMachine becomes partner with Endurance International Group, a leading provider of cloud-based platform solutions. Endurance acquired 40% of AppMachine for $15.2 million USD. “We´re extremely pleased with this partner and the opportunity to distribute our software to a much wider base, ” says AppMachine CEO Siebrand Dijkstra.


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Create Event Apps In Just Hours

App building, Building an App by John on 19 Feb 2015

Why should any event have its own app? Because it is the way visitors want to communicate: they’re expecting all the information on their smartphone, presented in a clear and pleasurable way. AppMachine enables you to create a professional mobile event app in just hours for the price of a name badge.

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