Which Platforms?

AppMachine supports iOS (the Apple iPhone platform), Android (the Google platform) and Windows Phone 8 (Windows Phone Store). So you get native apps for the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad using iOS version 5.0 and higher as well as for every variety of Android smartphone or tablet. In this way, we cover the majority of the app market. AppMachine will be available soon for HTML5. We're also developing a special iPad version.

When will the iPad version become available?

We hope to make this feature available by Q1 of 2016. We will let you know as soon as we know more.

  • iPad support is included in the PRO version.

We will contact you as soon as you can enter the extra information to update your app.

If you want to take part of the beta version of the iPad version, please send an email to with the app you want to test for iPad. AppMachine will turn on iPad support for a copy of the app you are currently working on. That way you can see if the app is iPad ready. 

Who owns the app?

You build the app, you add the content, and you’re responsible for that content. You submit the app under your own developer licenses for iOS and Google Play or under AppMachine license for Windows Phone 8. Using your own account allows you to charge money for the app. AppMachine does not provide you with the source code for your app.



How does pricing in the Reseller Program work?

You can find information about the pricing of our reseller program here.

I am going to sell a lot of apps. Can I get more discount?

If you have big volumes, please contact us.

How can I show the app I am building to my customers without showing that I use AppMachine?

Just use our non-branded app previewer. It has no references to AppMachine. Your clients can download this previewer and you provide their login name and password. They’ll be able to view the app while you are building it.

What happens if our customers need help adding content to their app?

We help you and you support your customers. If you provide your clients with the White Label Client CMS, they'll contact you for support. Of course you can always contact us for support.

Who can I contact if I want to know more about the Reseller Program?

Please contact Arne Postma, or by phone +31 58 700 97 22



Can I get help building my app?

Of course! We offer e-mail and chat support to all users. Send us your queries and we can help you decide what kind of expertise you need — whether that be programming or design help. We’d be happy to introduce you to one of our partners.

Can I see my app’s statistics?

AppMachine’s Analytics page shows you how often your app has been downloaded from the various app stores. You can see your app’s ranking and the ratings that users have given it. What’s more, we monitor the use within the app. You can find out more about all the Analytics possibilities by clicking here.

Can I add features to my app other than those provided by AppMachine’s Building Blocks?

Yes. In the PRO version you can make your own functionality with JavaScript. Or you can ask a developer to build a feature with JavaScript. You can also contact us, we can recommend you third party developers. Email to



Can I make a link to information on my website or administration system?

That will be no problem for a good developer. If you don’t have a developer nearby, get in touch with us. We’ll introduce you to one of our partners. You can reach us at



Are apps published on my own account or on AppMachine’s?

You need to publish your app on your own account in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Publishing apps to the Apple App Store requires an Apple developer license. This costs $99 per year. A Google Play Developer license is $25 (one-time fee). A Windows Phone Store individual license costs $19 (annually) and a company license costs $99 (annually). It is also possible to use our AppMachine Windows Phone Store account.

Can I download the Apk file to test my app?

It is not possible to download the Apk file of your app for test purposes. You can test your app by downloading the AppMachine Previewer app from the specific apps stores using this link The code we use to build your app is the same code we use for the app previewer. So your app will look the same as shown in the app previewer, just without the login of the previewer.

What’s involved in publishing apps?

To share your app with the rest of the world, you have to publish it to the app stores. To publish in the Apple App Store, you need a developer's license. You can either request a developer’s license from Apple, or use AppMachine's license. AppMachine sees to it that your app gets published. We’ll take care of the whole technical to-do for you. We’ll let you know just as soon as your app is available in the stores. We also help checking your app with Apple’s approval guidelines. Read more about the Apple requirements.

How do I request an iOS developer account?

You must register as an Apple developer through this registration page. You can then register with the iOS Developer Program for US$99 per year. Fill in your personal data and password during the Publishing process.    

How do I publish an app in Apple’s App Store?

Apple assesses your app according to a set of technical, content, and design criteria to make sure it works as it should and does not contain any objectionable language or material. This can take about two weeks. AppMachine submits the app and sees the process through to its approval. As soon as the app is approved, AppMachine ensures that it is placed in the App Store. You can tell AppMachine what date you would like to see the app appear.

What does Apple pay attention to when assessing an app?

AppMachine will submit your app for approval at Apple. Apple assesses your app according to a set of technical, content, and design criteria to make sure it works as it should and does not contain any objectionable content. Apple’s rules and regulations are very strict and it’s important to follow them closely. You can read here what Apple has to say. An app can be rejected for any number of reasons, but pay good attention to the following.If the title contains the word ‘marketing’ the app will most likely be rejected. Apps that are created specifically for the marketing and advertising industry are an absolute ‘no-go’ for Apple. What is more, AppMachine will not upload apps of this kind for you. They conflict with two of Apple’s golden rules:

    • Apps may not be purely marketing-based. In other words, an app may not consist solely of an overview of products and services, or a portfolio. Apps must have a clear function.
    • They must contain dynamic content. Apps cannot be interesting for just one use. They must have a clear purpose so that people will want to to use them more than once.
Remember: even if you think that your app isn’t breaking any of these rules, it’s Apple’s opinion that counts. If they think you’re breaking any of the golden rules, they’ll reject your app. We will keep you apprised and advise you about how to deal with these issues.

How do I publish apps in the Google store?

To submit your app to the Google PlayStore (for the Android platform) you must submit accompanying texts and screenshots. Android apps do not have to be approved. Very often, apps are available at Google Play in just a few hours. You also need a Google developer's license to publish an app in Google Play.

What happens if my app is rejected?

If your app is rejected, we will send you an email to let you know.



Why should I promote my app?

Apple’s App Store has hundreds of thousands of apps. If you want people to find your app, you'll have to point it out to them in the real world.

How can I promote my app?

Place a QR code on your business cards, your receipts, your website, or in your printed matter. That way, your customers can download your app straight from their app store. Be sure to use AppMachine’s app site. It’s important that people know you have an interesting app.



How do I make changes to my app after it has been approved?

Of course, you’ll want to keep your app up to date with the latest news, offers, photos, or agenda items. It’s easy to do using Appmachine’s CMS. After you check your app with Previewer, you can make your changes immediately visible in the app. Every time a user starts your app or opens a screen, the app does a check with the CMS to see if any changes have been made and automatically picks them up. This way, your users always have the most up-to-date version of your app. For some changes your app has to be submitted again to the stores, for example if you start using a newly developend building block. All updates are unlimited and free of charge.

When must an existing app be re-approved by the app stores?

If there are changes in the store’s information, you must publish a new version of the app. These include:

  • new app icon
  • new springboard title
  • a different splash screen
  • activation of a Building Block that did not exist when your app was published in the app stores


Reseller-White Label Client CMS

Is White Label really White Label?

Yes, it’s fully non branded. Nobody can see a connection to AppMachine. Not on the website, not even in the source code. You decide which URL you use for your Client CMS and you use CNAME to redirect it.

Can we change the design of the White Label CMS?

Partly. You can choose your own URL and color scheme and you are able to put your logo on the CMS. The non branded app previewer cannot be customized.

Can we run our own front page on our server and CNAME a sub-domain to your white label solution?

Yes, you can.

Is the platform fully white label where customers will be able to create an account with us and create their own apps on the platform?

No, the White Label Client CMS is designed to let your customers add content to their app. They will not be able to build their own app, add building blocks or change the design of the app.

If we create the app layouts and graphics for a client, will we be able to offer them a login to their account where they can update their app and features anytime?

Yes, you can. Your clients can use the CMS to do so.



How is an app charged for PLUS or PRO?

As soon as you publish your app, AppMachine checks what kind of building blocks your app contains. If you have any PRO blocks like Excel or JavaScript, you will be charged for the PRO version. You can always see if your app is PLUS or PRO. It´s mentioned in the header of our app design website when you open an app.  Just delete the PRO blocks from your app if you want to publish the PLUS version.

Can I put my app in the stores for a fee?

Sure. After you have bought your app at AppMachine you can send an email to with the request and we will assist you.

Can I buy an app just for two months?

Yes. Apps can be paid monthly. So even for just two months.

When do I pay for my app?

Developing your app won't cost you a penny. AppMachine gives you the freedom to create multiple versions of your app so that you can ultimately choose the best version of the app for publishing. You only pay once you choose to "Publish" your app in the app stores (either in the Google Play store, Apple's App Store, or both). The price is dependent of the subscription you have used to create the app. Once your app has been published, you will receive free unlimited updates to the app. Check our pricing page for more information.

When should I pay?

You only have to pay for an app when you’re ready to submit it to the app stores.

How do I pay for an app?

Payment methods are Paypal or credit cards. Payment with deposits and or invoices cannot be accepted.