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Software in Development 3.5 years
Number of developers 18
Total employees 36
Official launch 12th June 2013
Users 140,000 appbuilders from 140 countries  (November 2014)
Noteworthy apps Armin van BuurenThe Next WebAmsterdam Dance Event, Bright Day Event, The Next Web Conference
Prices See our pricing page
Awards CEO of the year by Software magazine Computable
Nominated for Deloitte Rising Star Award 2013, Computable CEO of the Year Award 2013Accenture Innovations Award 


July 08, 2014

AppMachine And Microsoft Join Forces For Windows Phone 8

AppMachine announces that it has made its mobile app building software suitable for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8. All app builders that use AppMachine can now have their mobile app in the Windows Phone Store, in addition to being published on the iOS and Android platforms.

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February 22, 2014


October 22, 2013

AppMachine targets pro developers with the latest version of its app toolkit

October 21, 2013

AppMachine sets sights on London to launch pro-version app builder

September 30, 2013

Dutch Startup AppMachine Starts in United States

September 05, 2013

Dutch Startup AppMachine Starts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

August 28, 2013

AppMachine arrives in Brazil

August 22, 2013

New Dutch Startup AppMachine to create mobile apps is highlight in The Next Web Latin America Conference

June 17, 2013

AppMachine goes Live: The revolutionary app-building platform is now available for everyone

April 24, 2013

Sneak preview Developer-versie AppMachine tijdens The Next Web Conference 2013 in Amsterdam

April 24, 2013

AppMachine is now in open beta

March 31, 2013

Armin van Buuren builds app with Dutch startup AppMachine

February 25, 2013

AppMachine: The next step in app building

February 22, 2013

Building your own app – should you choose a Gorgeous, Designer or Developer app?

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8440 AC Heerenveen

Press Contacts Worldwide

Fleur van der Laan (COO AppMachine)
Tel: +31 6 250 76820

Press Contact for US

Cameron Nazeri
Tel: +1 415 692 5261

Press Contact for Brazil

Miguel Tavares
Tel: +55 21 8324 0782

Press Contact for spanish speaking countries

Thomas Wielemaker
Tel: +31 58 700 97 22