School apps prove to outclass every other communication channel.

Share important information through push messages. Add news, information and photos to the app. The lock block and the possibility to make various user groups give you all the freedom to make it visible just to parents and students.

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Hospitality And Good Food


Deliver your restaurant experience right in the pocket of your loyal customers, with all your social media in one place and the menu presented on the guests’ smartphone. Guests even easily book a table while at work. Thank them with coupons and a loyalty card, right in the app.

Daily changing menu? Make an app to communicate with your customers!

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Football, Cycling, Rugby, Tennis


A sport app turns every squad into a team. Whether you’re the club’s president, a Pro coach or a soccer mom: see what an app can do for you!

Share important information through push messages. Add team news, a calendar and photos to the app. The lock block and the various app user groups make sure information is only accessible for certain teams or just for parents, trainers and coaches.

provide information and communicate


No sector is experiencing development like the health care sector. The demand for information and communication is growing enormously. Apps help by presenting all information conveniently, and by streamlining communication.

Use video’s to explain complex patient information, add a FAQ to a healthcare app for extra explanation. Show all locations in the app with contact information right at hand.

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North, South, East & West


Stay in the competition with your own travel and tourism app. Use travel apps to communicate with customers and sell trips and travels directly on the client’s smartphone.

City apps are booming, providing information about where to find the best food, shopping and sleeping. Make a city app, or build your own tourapp or travel agency app.


Every small business needs an app


AppMachine offers all a small business needs.

Reward your loyal customers with a loyalty card and/or coupons. Offer a free coffee, haircut or a discount after having spent a certain amount of money or thank customer otherwise with the loyalty card or coupons. Let them know who you are and where they can find you.

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  • small business app

Stay in touch with your fans


Enhance your exposure with your own app: easy to make and rewarding for fans. So whether you’re in a band, a DJ or singer/songwriter, it’s time to mix your own app.

Present your radioshow directly on the smartphone of loyal listeners. Sell music through iTunes, use Soundcloud or Spotify to play your music in your own app.

Tourdates? Show them in the app using BandsinTown or a Calendar.

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For all online an offline events


Whether you organise a music or yoga festival or a business congress, AppMachine gives you all you need to keep your visitors up to date at all times. From speakers to agenda. Let your visitors review or follow workshops or even vote while in the right location.

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