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With a bundle you buy 3 or 30 apps at once!
Starting at and per app.

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Making multiple apps for your own business, non profit organization or event? Or would you like to start your own app company?

Choose an app bundle subscription with 3 or 30 apps and get your apps white labelled; starting at just $10.

What are your benefits?

Reseller Benefits

Start building apps at just or per app monthly

With a bundle you get the white label option (no AppMachine Branding in your app) for free on each of your apps.

CMS with your own branding to maintain all your apps

White label Previewer 

Get 24/7 support from our support team

More than 3 apps? Stack bundles to build more apps.

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Contact our support team if you have any questions or just want to have a chat about maintaining multiple apps or starting your app company.

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Why a bundle subscription?

Because you are one of the lucky ones that have multiple apps in the app stores. And as a scale consumer, you get some great benefits. Like free white labelling of your apps, which means we remove all the AppMachine branding (normally $299 per app!!!). But also a discount, you could pay as less as $10 per app when you have many apps in the stores. 

You decide whether you want 1, 2 or 3 bundles, or maybe even more. You can stack the bundles to fit your needs.


For whom? For you!

Start your own app company or make multiple apps for educational purposes, as a donation tool for charity or to reach different target groups… many reasons why an artist, non profit organization or company can have 2 or more apps in the app store. 

Do you need to be a reseller? No you don’t. We have a special reseller program which the bundle subscriptions are part of. But now everyone can become a member of our partner program and get the bundles without reselling the apps. 

Whitelabel Previewer

White Label CMS and Previewer

Use the White Label CMS and App Previewer to maintain all the apps in a branded environment, show the apps to colleagues, your boss or third parties. Best of all, it’s in your brand colors, matching your visual identity. 

3 apps

Three apps bundle

Get the three apps bundle if you have 2 or 3 apps in the app stores. Do you have 5 apps in the stores? Just get to bundles of three apps. 

30 apps

30 apps bundle

More than 10 apps in the store? Get the 300 apps bundle. You don’t need to use all the app licenses, but you can. 

Reseller program

Become Reseller

Interested in our reseller program? Go to our reseller page to read all about it, schedule an appointment with Arne or request the reseller information brochure.