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Just plug in your headphones! Tracks, lyrics and Soundcloud, all integrated in the app.
Let your fans listen to your music and buy directly from your own app.
Add your discography and show your albums and tracks directly from iTunes. Add your SoundCloud playlist and let users listen to your songs or import Spotify music.

Show albums and tracks


Show your albums and tracks directly from iTunes. Let people listen to you music anytime. A lot of tracks can be heard for 30 secs, so you can decide if you’d like to buy the track on iTunes.



Stay connected with your fans


Share videos in you app with fans and make sure they don’t miss a thing.

Promote new songs on Twitter. Let fans read the latest news in your app and buy your music on the go. All your social media in one place, always up to date.


App with a commercial goal?


Sell music through the app and your own merchandise as well. Think of T-shirts and Caps.

Just add a shop and a checkout block and you’re selling your merchandise.

I think most people these days are using their mobile devices almost as much as their computers. I wanted to make it easier for my fans to stay updated on my news, and also have the ability to take my music with them while they’re commuting, working, exercising, et cetera. There’s no better way to do that than through a mobile app.

Betsie Larkin, Vocalist and Songwriter

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