Easy Meditation


With this voice led meditation app relaxation and meditation are taught in an easy and friendly way. Increase your energy level and improve your vitality and quality of life now by using this meditation app. The combination of the 5 voice led mediations by Evert Heintz and the music by Marc van Mourik help you to relax and create more headspace for yourself. Composer, sound designer and producer Marc van Mourik has composed the music, which accompanies each meditation. Ensuring that each meditation has its own musical masterpiece and thus creating perfect synergy between meditation and music. Also included is a clear and concise explanation as to why these meditations work. The app also has more detailed information about the meditation "A Smile from the Heart" including an instrumental bonus track. There is also information explaining how you can easily apply the meditations in daily life. Would you like to have a first experience with the different meditations of this Easy Meditation app, go to the iTunes Store and search for Easy Meditation by Heintz & Van Mourik.

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