The 6 App Design Trends in 2015

App Building, App Design Jerry Lieveld 8 Jan 2015

Building apps in 2015? Check these 6 latest app design trends and make sure your app design fully stands out in this fresh new year.

1. Navigation first

Designing an app is all about user interface. The navigation of an app is crucially important and should be your first focus. Users are getting used to mobile apps and are demanding a pleasant and clearly designed app navigation. Your menu should therefore be one of the most refined and well designed elements.

It’s up to you what navigation style to choose. More simple one topic apps mostly use on screen navigation and navicons then are a good way to navigate. Menus with chrystal clear typography are also good design elements.  If you are building complex apps with lots of content and several items, you would probably choose an off screen navigation like the Facebook slider.

Whatever you choose: design should never hide your content. Design should guide your user through the app. A good app design will give your app a pleasant and smooth user experience.

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2. App design stays flat

Flat design is here to stay, at least for another year. Fonts, logo’s icons, menu´s, all are minimalistic and emphasize usability. The world may be round, app design remains flat.

In 2015, flat design could be expanded to material design, a design language Google started using recently for its mobile and general design. Material design basically is flat design with the use of very subtle gradients, layering and responsive animations and transitions. Heavy gradients and shadows are still a no go in app design.

Flat icons

3. Contrast With Subtle Colors

The colors in app design will become cooler, softer and more subtle. App design still needs big contrast for good visibility, but contrast becomes more friendly. Avoid the tacky neon red-green web safe color contrast. Use the more sophisticated dark blue-light beige. Or marsala-light grey.

See Pantone’s Spring 2015 color palette.

Not sure which colors to combine for the best contrast? Adobe Color can help you.



4. Professional Photography

Professional shots of real people will replace the overused business category stock photo. You still can use stock photo’s, but avoid the obvious and go for quality. On the other hand: don’t choose too fancy models, use real people, or at least real looking.

AppMachine offers you 10 royalty free images from Getty Images for just €35. They include professional photo’s and vector images that can be used as photos in your app.


5. Clever Typography

Using boring fonts like Verdana and Arial? Not anymore in 2015. There are so many high quality fonts available nowadays. AppMachine offers different fonts when making your app. This, of course, does not mean  you should use all of them. Keep it clean, keep it clever. The use of CAPS can add spice to your typography, but is best used sparingly.

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6. Thumbs up for scrolling

Scrolling a mobile screen is even easier than scrolling websites. Just use your thumbs and swipe your way through the app. Pages get longer and we will even see more scrolling horizontally, as in horizontal multi-page navigation with two or three navicons per page.

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