4 Reasons Why Your Clients All Want Apps – Even If They Don’t Know

Reseller Jerry Lieveld 1 May 2014

Are you makings apps for clients? Or do you think more of your clients should have mobile apps developed? We’ll give you 4 ways to convince them.

1. They’re Still Early Adopters, But Prices Are Down

The use of smartphones is growing rapidly, almost faster than the number of apps. In a couple of years every company will have one or more apps. This means you can still set yourself apart with a mobile app. It’s true, most apps are still entertainment apps we could easily do without. But the category that grows quickly are business apps. Apps that empower sales teams with promotional brochures and ´how to´ movies, apps with advertising possibilities, apps as geo targeted marketing tools.

The use of business apps is not yet widely spread; your clients still are early adopters. But they don’t pay the price of the revolution. Prices of app developing have plunged since the introduction of DIY app platforms like AppMachine. So you get the best of both worlds –be one of the first to use a business app, but already benefit from competitive market prices.

2. It’s All About Marketing -Apps Are Consumer Contacts

Do we need an app? Do we need a website? Mobile apps are installed on consumer smartphones. How cool is that? Always be present at your clients mostly used gadget? Only a tap away from getting in touch, no need for a browser but offer a superb user experience. Use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in your app to inform clients.

Sell products from within the app by using PayPal checkout, send clients push notifications with special offers. Gather tons of consumer data and provide feedback and support. You can even have your own customer loyalty card in an app. The smartphone is becoming number one means of communication and mobile apps the best way to communicate with customers.

3. Business Becomes Better As Workflow Turns Mobile

Business becomes better when you mobilize your workflow. Create instant in-company apps, only when you need them. Having a conference or exhibition? Make a mobile app with all the information: show program, speakers, attendee profiles and navigation to the event location. Of course you don’t have to pay a full years fee for an event app that’s only being used for two weeks. Just buy an app for a month or so. Or keep reusing the same app for several occasions.

Does your sales team still carry dozens of brochures? Why not use an app with ‘how to’ video’s or a gorgeously designed portfolio to impress clients on the road? Give clients access to only a part of your app by unlocking specific information. Apps are always up to date and will always function properly, even offline without data connection.

4. Easy to Maintain

Clients can maintain their own mobile apps by using a CMS. It’s easy, anyone who’s a bit skilled in using software can do the job. Updating apps is also easy and free of charge. Some of the updating can even be done automatically. Just link your data with web services or Excel sheets and all changes will appear in the app. App developers can use a White Label Client CMS to let their clients maintain their apps. They can change opening hours, company info and such, but will not able to create their own apps or change the design.