5 Business Apps

Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 19 Aug 2013

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.” Nowadays you can easily change ‘advertising’ into ‘app’. Luckily any business can afford and build an app, thanks to AppMachine. These five business apps from very different companies are evidence.

De Perslijst

De Perslijst proudly calls itself the best database for PR-use in the Netherlands. The most comprehensive media database of the lowlands is now also available in an app as well. Thus, the contact details of over 9000 journalists (including their LinkedIn profiles) and editorial offices are always at hand. The app shows the last ten press releases received; you just have to scroll down to see an updated list. It is also possible to search for older press releases: the archive now contains almost 3000 documents. The embedded official Twitter account provides more up to date information. A nice touch is the embedded content of Villamedia, the leading Dutch journalistic platform: their (news)articles provide background information and context.


Aero’Droom immediately redirects aspiring pilots to a request link for a specialized magazine, because the app focuses on all the other professions that make up the aviation industry. The app not only provides a concise overview of the various jobs available in the fields of engineering, logistics and services, but also details the required level of education, training and an overview of (future) employers or internships. Thanks to this app these companies are but a hyperlink away. Aero’Droom’s texts are clear and to the point and its motivational power lies in the use of beautiful and well selected photographs. The title rings true, because this app provides the fuel for daydreams of a high altitude career.

No Limit Fireworks

The showroom of No Limit Fireworks (the number one fireworks specialist of North Holland) doesn’t open its doors until December 11th, but their app is open 24/7. The integrated Instagram-account gives you a sneak peek into their storage while YouTube videos (in addition to the detailed specs) show off the product in thundering action; something the usual brochure or leaflet can’t do. Twitter and Facebook feeds are a great tool for customer relations, keeping users up to date with how the range of products is expanding in the run-up to New Year. It makes the countdown to New Year’s Eve a lot more fun. With a simple button, the app can be shared with other fireworks fanatics and enthusiasts, by way of Twitter, Facebook or old fashioned email.

The Prinsapp

How do you get three different venues in three different locations under one roof? Entrepreneur/manager Melle Prins knows the answer to that riddle: with an app! His PrinsApp shows the agenda of both Prins Club (Noordbergum), Cafe Prins (Kollumerzwaag) and Dance Cafe De Prins (Bolsward). And very useful tool for those who’ve had one shot too many and now have trouble remembering previous nights: it also lists past performances and parties. A big attraction are the pictures of all the party animals in their natural habitat: on the dance floor and at the bar. They are easily shared, liked or commented upon.

Bereichsbibliothek Theology

The librarian of the theology faculty of the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany recently had just one answer to several questions: and that was the Bereichsbibliothek Theology app. The design is sober, and rightly so: the information is the main point. The app provides answers to everyday questions such as opening times or how exactly you borrow a book, but also gives a complete overview of all recent acquisitions. In case that one desired book is not available, Google Maps points the student to all other neighbouring university libraries. The app not only shows Social Media content from the official Facebook page but also from Google Plus.