5 Tips To Expand Your Business By Selling Apps

App Building, Reseller Jerry Lieveld 22 Jun 2015

Ask a dozen experts how to expand your business and the most frequently given answer will definitely be: add a new service or product. Sound easy? Well, it is! With AppMachine, you can start your mobile app business today!

AppMachine offers basic and advanced version so anyone can build apps. The app CMS is so easy; there is no need for programming skills or advanced IT expertise, but you can modify pixel-level design details if you like. Advanced developers can even write their own JavaScript and connect to web services.

Whatever your level of expertise may be, simply follow these steps and start selling apps to clients.

1. Build example apps

Just start building apps. It won’t cost you a thing, except your time. Building apps is free with AppMachine; you only pay when you actually publish an app in the app stores. So simply spend enough time to perfect your app skills and make some truly stunning app examples you can showcase to potential clients.

examples apps

How do you show these example apps when they are not in the app stores? You can do so with the AppMachine Previewer app. Install the previewer on your smartphone and show any app you’re building or have built live on your mobile screen. Anyone can use our app previewer, so even your potential clients can watch your apps live in action on their smartphone.

2. Offer apps to clients

Take your app portfolio one step further and make apps for specific clients. There are so many businesses that need a mobile presence (but don’t know it yet), and you could become their app builder.

Choose any small business that could use an app and make a real app, just as if it were a real assignment. Then present the app and offer it at a reasonable price. According to one of our most successful resellers, “You will sell at least 7 out of 10 apps”.

Again: it’s free to build apps! It won´t cost you anything but time. AppMachine gives you a huge sales opportunity by offering a live and perfect product for free.

Of course, you could contact your target business before you start building an app, but that is not obligatory. Our app CMS always starts with a crawler that finds loads of information on your client’s website or Facebook page. This will automatically provide you with your target business’ logo, pictures, Twitter feeds, YouTube channels, and more!

3. Add value to your app

What are the benefits of mobile app for your clients? Make sure you clearly define the value of an app. Are you making a restaurant app? The value could be a ‘one tap table reservation’ for returning restaurant guests, push notifications with new menu announcements or special events and an in-app customer loyalty card with an attractive savings program for frequent visitors.

For event apps, you add a floor plan, timetable, speaker bio´s or even streaming video so all attendees can watch the spectacular opening live on their smartphones. Here´s an overview of which functionalities you can add to your apps

4. Become an event app sponsor

Wherever you live, there’s always an event in your area or local community that could use an app. Think of everything from a sports club tournament to school festivals or fundraising events. Become an event sponsor and make an event app for free. This will set your name as app building specialist in the event network. Other sponsors will notice the app and will remember you as their preferred app supplier.

5. Become an AppMachine Reseller to start your app business

If you are not an AppMachine Reseller yet, you should become one now. Among the many program benefits, resellers receive white label solutions, significant discounts off AppMachine’s list prices and white label marketing materials.

 “Most companies and small businesses still think a mobile app costs 20K or more. They are flabbergasted that I can deliver a professional app for a fraction of the cost.”
Harry Wildeboer, AppMachine Reseller

Read his successtory

Of course you’ll be promoting yourself as app specialist on other websites such as LinkedIn.

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