7 Reasons Why Apple Could Reject Your App

App Building Jerry Lieveld 5 Feb 2015

Before you start building apps, you should be aware of the criteria Apple uses to review your app. Apple only allows high quality apps to its App Store and therefore could easily reject your app if you’re not careful.

This article describes the 7 most common reasons for rejection, and what to do when app is denied access to the App Store.

  1. Mention other supported platforms
    Does your app also run on Android, which is the case with most AppMachine apps? Please keep it quiet: don’t mention it in your app or in the app description. This restriction also counts for the other app stores. Advertise your multi-platform ability on a website, not in your app.
  2. Use Apple trademarks and logo’s
    Do not use Apple or iOS logo’s and trademarks in your app. Not even a drawing of an iPhone.
    The use of trademarked material almost guarantees your app will be rejected. Even Apps that misspell Apple product names in their App name (e.g. “GPS for Iphone,” or “iTunz”) will be rejected.
  3. Your menu is an iOS springboard copy
    Like the iOS springboard? Just don’t copy it for your navigation menu of your. Make sure it doesn’t even look like it. AppMachine offers you tons of design features to make your own unique design.
  4. Link to outside payment schemes
    Apple does not allows payments for digital content or donations from within your app. This may only be done through the user’s iTunes account, or in the Safari browser. Charitable donations may also be done with an SMS.
    Selling merchandise or other non-digital products is allowed from within your app. So you can use your app to sell your products, as long as they’re not digital.
  5. Beta or unfinished apps
    Your app should be finished completely before submitting it to the App Store. If you use the words beta, test or preview in your app or app description, you’re app may be rejected. Don’t put empty pages in your app  or, for AppMachine users, empty building blocks either.
    Beta Apps may only be submitted through TestFlight and must follow the TestFlight guidelines. You are always able to watch your new app live with AppMachine’s Previewer.
  6. Bugs, crashes, bad performance
    All apps in the App Store should function perfectly and should behave as advertised. Apple does not want to bother users with bad apps or apps that work differently than their description says. Apps that crash regularly will also be rejected.
  7. Target too small an audience
    Birthday or wedding? It’s a good idea to develop a mobile app for such occasions, but just don’t count on iPhone users. Apple will not allow apps that target a very small audience. Apps in the App Store should be interesting enough for a larger target audience.

These are the most common restrictions that we have come up against, but there are many more reasons why Apple could reject your app.

Read the complete App Store Review Guidelines.

What to do when Apple rejects your app?

Don’t worry. Simply contact us. We help you solving the issue and resubmit your app to the App Store.