A Big Hooray For 5 Years of AppMachine

AppMachine News Jerry Lieveld 8 Mar 2016

A big hooray for AppMachine as we celebrate our 5th anniversary! Normally we’re not into self-congratulation, but hey, we have grown from a small start-up in 2011 to one of the world’s leading mobile app platforms in 2016!

What happened in those 5 years? What were the highlights since our pleasantly adrenalized CEO Siebrand started the company with 18 developers in 2011?


“Our biggest achievement? 2 years of preparation!”

“Our biggest achievement”, Siebrand says, “is that our developers had already invested 100,000 hours in our product before we released our beta version to a limited public in 2013. That’s 2 years of preparation with 18 developers! Our Goal? Setting a new standard for the building of (native) apps. We’ve partly reached this goal already. At the moment, we are improving and developing even better software every day. There is more to come.”

Today, 3 years after the initial release, we have over 300,000 app builders, a great amount of proud resellers and 36 people working on making better software and happier users every day!

The typical tech start-up party

After the initial 2.5 years of development, the beta version of AppMachine went live on February 21st, 2013 at 2.16 CET. “A night I remember well; it was also one of our developer’s, Peter’s, birthday”, says Siebrand. “Picture the typical tech start-up party with lots of beer and pizzas, in the middle of the night while we were sending the first beta invite emails.”

During the 3-month beta period, 24,000 testers tried the app software. “They helped us ultimately deliver a product we could proudly present to the world,” Siebrand explains. In June 2013, AppMachine shook the mobile world with the official launch of its DIY app-building platform.

“AppMachine Is Your Secret Weapon In A Mobile Ready World” – Forbes Magazine in 2014

“It didn’t take long for us to get noticed”, says Siebrand. “We had some good exposure in media with articles in Forbes Magazine and The Next Web. DJ Armin van Buuren, a 5 time winner of the world’s best DJ rankings by DJ Magazine, was one of the first to use AppMachine to build his app.”

Endurance International Group

In 2015, AppMachine joined forces with Endurance International Group, a leading provider of cloud-based platform solutions. “Our cooperation with Endurance ensures the future of AppMachine as one of the major app building platforms”, Siebrand explains. “Endurance has 4.669 million subscribers so it’s a huge opportunity to deliver our product to millions of users.”

Dutch Queen Máxima visits AppMachine


One of the greatest honors in the last 5 years of AppMachine was the visit of Dutch Queen Máxima to AppMachine’s Dutch headquarters in Heerenveen. During her visit got to hear our success story and build an app for the Oranje Fonds. “There’s not much that gets me nervous,” says Siebrand, “but the Queen coming to our office? That made us all go weak in the knees.”

Impress.ly: The new website generator

The Endurance partnership is already bearing fruit with the recent launch of Impress.ly, a new website generator that helps small businesses with their mobile presence. “For some small companies and organizations or individuals it simply is a bridge too far to make their own app and go through the app store publishing process,” Siebrand says. “With Impress.ly they get a website and/or an online store that behaves like an app on smartphones and automatically expands for bigger computer screens. It just takes minutes to complete the process. Many business are struggling with the shift towards mobile and Impress.ly is the right tool at the right time. Impress.ly was developed by AppMachine and will be promoted to millions of Endurance’s subscribers.”