“A Reference For Clients And A Marketing Tool For Me”

App Building, Reseller Jerry Lieveld 2 Apr 2014

“A reference for clients, a marketing tool for me and a great way of advertising.” Media coaching expert Edo van Santen is clear about the benefits of having his own app. “I’m a pitching and presentation coach and I always work with clients who are about to speak in public. They all want to take a last look at my tips and tricks shortly before they go on stage. In the old days, we would give them handouts. Now we´re having all those tips in my app ‘Elevator Pitch’. Clients are using the app as a reference and last minute check. That elevates their self esteem. And they often show the app to others afterwards. That’s a great way of advertising.”

“Done In Three Hours”

Edo built his own app with AppMachine. “I’m an IT man and quite handy with the bits and bytes.” But that making his own professional native app was this simple, has even surprised Edo. “It only took me half a Sunday. The first set up I had done in an hour. And I only needed two more hours for the design and placing the photo’s. So I had my own app in three hours. I’ve had a little help from AppMachine Support, but it’s a truly DIY for 98 percent.”

Professional App Loaded With Tips And Tricks

The result is a professional looking app loaded with information. A series of How To videos clearly explains what to keep in mind when speaking in public. Is Edo not giving away too much for free? “Not by far”, says Edo. “The app may be stuffed with clearly presented information, but all that is publicly available. Anyone can find it on the internet. The app does not function as a stand alone application. It supports me and my clients. The app works perfectly in combination with the media training. That’s how the app adds value to my business.”

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