Accenture: Corporate World Turns to Simpler Modular Apps

Mobile News Fleur 6 Feb 2014

Large corporations are rapidly moving from complex enterprise applications towards more simple and modular mobile apps, says Accenture in its report  “Every Business is a Digital Business, From Digitally Disrupted to Digital Disrupters”. One of the 5 big trends Accenture foresees is the ´trend of applications´. The development of user friendly mobile apps is going to be crucial for the corporate world.

“Enterprises are rapidly moving from applications to apps”, says Accenture. “Yes, there will always be big, complex enterprise software systems to support large organizations. But now, as organizations push for greater operational agility, there is a sharp shift toward simpler, more modular apps.”

Enterprise apps: simple and sophisticated

AppMachine’s Enterprise apps are a good example of such simpler and modular apps. Enterprise apps are in-company apps for smartphones and tablets that don’t have to be published in the app stores and therefore don’t need to go through their process of approval. Enterprise apps may be simple to use and easy to build, they’re technically sophisticated and use intelligent data connections. Companies can even include their own features like their Salesforce and SAP data with appointments, client information and leads.

App development will be crucial

Accenture says app development is going to play crucial role in the corporate world: “The more quickly businesses can create and launch new applications in today’s turbulent markets, the better they can innovate, collaborate, improve customer experiences, and enrich personal interactions.”

The advice Accenture gives is: (…) begin to develop a comprehensive strategy that will lay out the foundation for enterprise app development”.

Source: Accenture 

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