Affordable Apps Finally Accessible To SMEs

App Building, AppMachine News, Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 21 Nov 2013

Only a few small and medium-sized enterprises are currently using apps. This is a shame seeing as apps can provide the SME sector clear added value. And since recently, apps are no longer financially out of reach for SMEs. Any company can now afford its own app.

Until recently, apps were virtually inaccessible for small and medium-sized enterprises. With prices ranging between five and ten thousand Euros, it was simply too expensive for them to develop a company app. Fortunately, the mobile market is developing at a rapid pace. So rapid, in fact, that apps for SMEs are accessible to and affordable for any company. You can have your own app for just €39 a month.

Develop your own app without the need for programming skills

Do not miss out on the opportunities that smartphones have to offer
AppMachine’s software lets anyone develop their mobile web apps, even if they do not possess any coding skills. This means you do not have to hire expensive developers. Using our content management system, you can create professional apps with a gorgeous design. Anyone will be able to use our neatly laid out and user-friendly CMS: from SMEs to web masters to professional designers. You can also outsource the design of your app to an external agency or to AppMachine.

Mapps with added value for SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises can develop their own app to add a great communication platform to their marketing mix. A mobile website will allow you to direct more traffic and new visitors to your website. With mobile apps, the marketing strategy focuses on customer relationship management, ensuring high quality of service and improving customer loyalty. Apps offer a fast performance and an outstanding user experience. Contrary to mobile websites they are fully geared towards smartphone users.

Advantages of SME apps

  • A direct presence on the smartphone of your customers;
  • Improved customer loyalty, e.g. through push messages;
  • Targeted offers and promotions;
  • Excellent analytical capabilities;
  • A dynamic user experience;
  • Apps that remain fully functional offline.

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Examples of apps for SMEs

Example Apps SME

These are just a few SMEs that created their own app using AppMachine:

  • Younique Xperience, a beauty parlor in the Dutch city of Amersfoort, developed an app that offers you the latest promotions, beauty tips, soothing music and hip lifestyle trends, straight from beauty specialist Clarinda van Ginkel
  • Ortho Consult specializes in hands-on training for mentors and student coaches. The app lists the current education and training offer for students in primary and secondary education as well as fun ‘energizers’, current articles on student coaching, information on conferences and an overview of the latest book releases.
  • The Elevator pitch app was developed by Edo van Santen, a specialist in elevator pitch, media and presentation training. The app contains 16 short videos in which he shows users the ins and outs of effective presentations.

Needless to say there are plenty more examples of apps by SMEs.

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