Amnesty International: “Urgent Action App Can Save Lives”

AppMachine News, Get Inspired, Mobile News Jerry Lieveld 17 Jun 2014

A mobile app is an outstanding tool to strengthen user engagement, shows Amnesty International. The Dutch section of Amnesty has recently launched its Urgent Action app with which users can sign petitions and send emails to protest against the abuse of human rights.

“Where most charitable organizations just ask for a donation, Amnesty makes sure its app users actually stand up and take immediate action,” says Jerry Lieveld, founder and chief creative from product design agency DARE TO DIFR . “Amnesty sends a push notification to all app users with an urgent action to take. Within the minute users can sign and send a petition or send a protest email. In the old days you had to send a fax, email or sms yourself. Now even social activism has become mobile.”

Pro version with POST web service

Lieveld has used AppMachine’s Pro version with a POST web service to build the app. “Our aim was to make the app as user friendly as could be with no barriers to take the desired action. The app design had to be very clean and recognizable for Amnesty and its supporters. We’re quite happy with the result and the building process. The app also had good exposure on national television and in other media.”

Signing petitions does help

Do petitions or emails really achieve something? “Yes,” says Bart van Kuijk, Manager Communication & Campaigning of Amnesty. “Petitions and emails are an important part of Amnesty’s work. Together with lobbying towards authorities and generating broad awareness for specific human rights issues they can actually save somebody’s life. On Amnesty’s website you can find some heartened examples such as the story of Rebiya Kadeer.” The Chinese Kadeer was convicted to 8 years of prison for sending newspaper articles abroad and was released after 5 years thanks to, among other things, Amnesty petitions. “A guard said there were so many petitions for me they simply could not let me die,” Kadeer says on the website.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 3 million supporters, members and activists in over 150 countries and territories who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights. Amnesty is independent of any government or political ideology. Amnesty the Netherlands is one of the largest sections. The Dutch Urgent Action app will also be eligible for international use.

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