Make A Business Of Your Blog? You Need An App!

App Building, Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 7 Jul 2016

Average bloggers use WordPress, vloggers YouTube. But you’re not the average blogger! Not an ordinary vlogger, no way! You’re about to become a top dog in publishing and broadcasting! This is how an app helps.

Why do you blog? Just to share your thoughts with the world? Or should we say an even less than minuscule part of the world? Then just keep going because your blog is just for fun.

But what if you want to be someone in the blogging atmosphere? Suppose you want to turn your travel or fashion blog into a business. Then start taking your brand seriously.

How blogging can become a business

To make a business of your blog, you should turn it into a brand first. Focus on a niche or a topic you’re at least familiar with. Preferably you’re an expert in the field. Start building your brand’s credibility by writing as many posts as you can or by publishing an endless stream of video’s.

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Combine multiple channels

Combine multiple channels to promote your brand. If you just vlog on YouTube, start writing a blog to increase your YouTube channel’s exposure. With a blog you can utilize SEO or even join Google AdSense and team up with other brands for affiliate marketing.

Make profiles on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest. Do not make a personal page, but set up a professional business page or a fan page. Obviously, you keep your pages up to date.

Strengthen the ties with your fans

Social Profiles

By now you have established your brand with a consistent corporate style. You may even consider expanding your business by selling add space, becoming YouTube partner or by offering branded merchandise. By all means, it’s time to strengthen your ties with your readers, viewers and loyal fans. And that’s where an app comes in.

A mobile app for interaction

What does an app add to your omni-channel branding? An app does not replace your channels, but brings them all together in a tool that gives you more control over your branding and mobile marketing.

A mobile app is a great way to interact with fans more intensively. Include YouTube or Vimeo in your app, publish your posts in your app and add social media to your app. Send a push notification to all users when your publish a new post or video.

Your Facebook  fan page is part your app and includes all Facebook features such as likes. Users can comment and share posts with others from within the app. Your app becomes a one stop shop for all your fans.

Your personal fan shop

An app can even be a shop literally when you start selling your branded merchandising. Just print some T-shirts, hoodies and caps, add a shopping cart to your app and your personal in-app fan shop is ready to sale! Read more about selling products with your app Do you blog about fashion? Sell some of your sponsored pieces in your own shop.

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In-app advertising

AppMachine also offers you an attractive in-app advertising feature. By replace any of your top images with an add you guarantee great exposure to your advertisers. Users will be redirected to your advertisers landing page when they tap the image. Top images are visually the most prominent spot in an app so a top image add could generate some good income for you. Read more about in-app advertising

Is your blog becoming business?  Start building an app!