In-App Loyalty Card Keeps Customers Coming

App Building, AppMachine News, Get Inspired, New Features Jerry Lieveld 11 Aug 2014

Keep your customers coming by rewarding them for each visit or purchase. The in-app customer loyalty card is now available for our users and is ideal for retailers, shops, clubs, bars or restaurants. The customer loyalty card is a piece of software you can use in any app. Customers will have the card on their smartphone, so they will always carry it with them. Customers, guests or visitors can easily save for great gifts or discounts. Use the card to raise customer loyalty and to increase your sales volume. App owners are always aware of the balance per customer, which can be a great start for your micro marketing.

How to get the loyalty card?

Open your app in the CMS and add the building block ‘Loyalty Card’. Now you can set up your own saving programs. You can have just one or even several programs. This is also where you have an overview of your registered customers. Save and your ready.

Read more about Adding the Loyalty Card building block

Add Loyalty Card Buildingblock

How to use the loyalty card?

Your app users will see the loyalty card in the app and can register themselves via the app. They will get a unique QR code that is scannable by the shop owner´s device. You reward your customers/app users with credits when they visit you or when they purchase something. You can use various credits for various saving programs. Each time you scan their QR code, the credits will be added to their balance.

Why use  the loyalty card?

With focused campaigns you will see your guests or customers more often, and you can increase revenue per client. Customers like to be rewarded and the in-app loyalty card is the easiest way for them: the card is part of the app on their smartphone. Separate cards are no longer needed. You, as a show owner, are always aware of the customer balance. That can be the start of your micro marketing. You can target specific app users with push notifications that will appear on their smartphone: “Mr Jones, you only need four points to get your gift. That’s just one purchase in our shop.” Or “Hi Mary, you’re just one visit away from a free dinner. We have a new menu starting this Friday. Check it out here.” The customer loyalty card is ideal for retailers, shops, bars, clubs, restaurants and wellness centers and is available for all Plus and Pro apps. Read more about using the Loyalty Card Or just get it, it’s free.