App Store is the biggest. Play Store is catching up.

Mobile News Liz Bollema 18 Dec 2012

In October of 2012, the Google Play Store saw its turnover from apps grow by 17.9%. During the same period, Apple’s App Store’s profits shrank by 0.7%. The figures were published in the App Annie Index, which is compiled from data for 150,000 apps. These are apps created by app-builders which App Annie uses to analyze their use.

So, the Google Play Store is hard at work playing catch-up. The Google store has grown by no less than 313% year-on-year while Apple’s App Store’s growth amounted to 12.9%. The acceleration should not come as a surprise. The Apple App Store is still four times larger than the Google Store in terms of turnover.

AppMachine’s own experience reflects these same figures. As an example, AppMachine’s Amsterdam Dance Event app has seen nearly five times more downloads from Apple than from Google. For some reason, iPhone owners are more likely to download and install apps than Android device owners. Still, it is to be expected that a change is yet to come and that Android users will come to see the power of their apps. By the way, the use of App Annie is not really necessary for AppMachine customers. Every AppMachine app already has its own, powerful, Analytics Module as part of our Content Management System.

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