Apple App Store shut down for new app uploads

Mobile News Fleur 26 Jul 2013

Last week Apple shut down their developer website because an intruder attempted to secure personal information from registered developers. After a week, their site is still closed down. They are currently completely overhauling their development systems, updating their server software and rebuilding their entire database.

Because of this, we cannot upload new apps to the Apple App Store right now.

Apple made this site available where you can check the status of the different systems of the developer website.

If you want to publish your app in the next few days, we advise you to prepare as much as you can. When Apple opens their portal again it will be crowded, so we urge you to prepare as much as possible:

  1. Buy your app;
  2. Fill in all the required information for the app stores in the publish wizard;
  3. Fill in your developer license information in the publish wizard.

As soon as the App Store is available again, we will submit your app to the app store and your app will be waiting for review. Normally it takes 8-10 working days before your app will be reviewed.

If you have already published your app in the Apple App Store, it is still possible to update your app.

If you publish your app, we will upload the Android version to the Google Play Store as soon as you have submitted all the pertinent information.

Update 27-7:  Apple App Store is available again to upload new apps.