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Mobile News Fleur 16 Dec 2012

In November of last year, three market research agencies published reports citing trends in smartphone apps. Nielsen reports on the use of social media, IDC sees more people spending money on mobile devices, and comScore’s annual report looks into mobile device use.

More Internet, More Mobile

Altogether, they conclude that Internet use continues to grow. In the US, Nielsen saw a 21% increase between July 2011 and July 2012. What’s more, the use of mobile apps grew powerfully — by no less than 120% during this same period. Nielsen attributes this particular increase to the strong rise in the number of smartphones and a veritable explosion in the number of apps now available. When it comes to Internet activity, the social media are most popular. A full 20% of PC use goes there. For mobile devices, social media use climbs to 30%. On all devices, Facebook is the runaway leader.

(Source: Nielsen,

More IT Purchases, Apps Continue to Grow

Nielsen’s numbers were confirmed by IDC and comScore, whose published their figures around the same time. IDC predicts that, worldwide, 5.7% more will be spent on IT next year. The group estimates that more than half of that amount will go into mobile device sales — smartphones, tablets and e-readers. IDC is predicting that, by 2015, Americans will use mobile devices more often than PCs to access the Internet. And that, by 2016, there will be 225 million PC users and 265 million people with a mobile device.

Following an extensive survey, comScore has concluded that, of all the people in the US with a cell phone (including those without a smartphone), about half access the Internet using browsers and apps. But the greatest growth is in the use of apps. In the second quarter of 2012, 52.6% of those surveyed had used an app. By the third quarter, the number had risen to 54.5%.

(Source: comScore,

One Clear Outcome — One Clear Solution

All indicators are pointing in the same direction. The use of mobile devices is growing explosively. It’s expected that, in just a few years, their use for Internet access will beat out PCs. Of all the channels making use of the Internet, apps are growing fastest. It’s safe to assume that, at some point, apps may even replace websites in their function. At the very least, they will certainly supplement website use significantly. Very soon, AppMachine will help these predictions along by offering a platform that allows anyone to build good-looking apps quickly and easily.

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