AppMachine at The Next Web USA

AppMachine News Jerry Lieveld 27 Sep 2013

AppMachine will be present at The Next Web Conference USA. On the 1st and 2nd of October, Midtown Manhattan will be abuzz with exciting startups, news-hungry journalists, and smart investors. Every attendee will be able to connect with others with a unique feature in the event’s app built by AppMachine.

“How?” you might ask.

Shaking hands? No, by shaking apps!

AppMachine CEO, Siebrand Dijkstra, will be speaking on October 1st at TNW USA and will be demonstrating the networking feature of the event’s app during an interactive session. With this networking feature, users can login to their LinkedIn accounts and describe themselves with three industry related keywords.
The other users of the app can then see who is coming to the event and filter the list of participants based on these keywords. They can then contact each other through a chat function in the app. They can even hold the smartphones next to each other, shake and exchange data. Shaking hands? That’s old-fashioned. Shaking apps is much better and easier!
Of course, the app also provides all the usual features of an event app: program, venue, speakers, photos and videos, and fully integrated social media.

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