Why AppMachine is the best App Maker Software

App Building, AppMachine News Jerry Lieveld 20 Jan 2015

It’s always nice when somebody else recommends you. So we’re quite happy with the 2015 App Maker Software review. AppMachine is one of the ten best app building software platforms, says TopTenReviews.

Of course we could not agree more so we proudly present some quotes from TopTenReviews. We also like to use this opportunity to highlight some of the features of our software every app builder could benefit from.

What the reviewer says about AppMachine

About our design features:

“They tout the ability to change your design down to the pixel, meaning that every single factor can be tweaked to suit your exact needs.”

Design your app to a higer level
AppMachine offers extensive design features that take your app to a higher level. Design from scratch or choose one of the pre-designed templates. Even then, you still have a thousand possibilities to alter your design. And not just once. You may change your design whenever you want, as many times as you want. This guarantees your app won’t look just like the other apps, which often is the case when you use one of the other app building platforms. Updating your app with new content of a fresh design is even free.

About our usability:

“AppMachine takes a page from click-and-drag web design to make building an app simple and convenient.

Building apps has become easy and affordable
It´s perhaps AppMachine biggest achievement that building advanced mobile apps has become so easy and affordable. Anyone can now make a professional app without writing a single line of code. We´ve already done the programming for you. To build your app, just let AppMachine crawl your website and start adding content to your app by using our 30+ building blocks. Your app can be ready in hours.

Add your own code or connect to web services
If you ‘d like to build more complex apps, you may add Excel data to your app, connect to web services, or even add your own code with Custom JS.

About our ‘one app for three platforms’:

“AppMachine publishes across all platforms, which means your iOS app can be modified to accommodate an Android user and vice versa. This saves you, the designer, from having to develop different apps for individual operating systems.”

One native app for all
All AppMachine apps are native apps and run perfectly on the three operating systems iOS and Android. You just make one app for all your users and publish your app in the various app stores. And, of course, you only have to pay for a single app. Native apps are now affordable for any business with prices starting at a month.

And about our promotional service:

“Best of all, AppMachine gives each finished app a website storefront, giving your customer base an easy way to find your app and keep in touch. Since smartphone use is prevalent these days, AppMachine also provides you with a unique QR code that takes the user directly to your app and any promotional materials you have to offer.”

AppMachine’s support is unrivalled
AppMachine’s support and promotional service are unrivalled in the app making world. Not only have we done 100k hours of programming for our users, we also support users with a first class help desk, an AppMachine academy with ‘How to’s ‘ for any imaginable topic, and we help our users promoting their app.

Read the complete review or even better: start building your own app now.