AppMachine Beta is live!

AppMachine News Fleur 21 Feb 2013


It’s 2:16 AM on an average weekday night. A team of developers is pulling an all nighter, working flat-out to iron out the last few kinks. Then…everything clicks. Yes we can …And yes we will! Just one click and AppMachine Bèta is live!

After two year of hard labor, our software that enables everyone to make an app, is finally available for customers. The launch on Wednesday night has been one small step for man, but a giant leap for the app making world. During our two years of developing, over a thousand enthusiasts have applied for testing the bèta version of AppMachine. On Wednesday night, the first hundred was invited to test it for real. And gosh, that was some hectic night. We celebrated both the birth of AppMachine and the birthday of our programmer Peter. A night never to forget…

The next few days, we will be inviting a lot more users to test our bèta. We’re so proud but more than anything else, we are dying for your feedback. Remember, it’s a bèta, so not all features will function perfectly, but we’re working on them. We’ll be fixing imperfections on a daily basis thanks to our testers. Their first reactions are very positive, though. They all like the usability of our software and especially our designer options: “Sure, AppMachine is easy to use, but, wow, there are so many ways to design a beautiful app.”

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