AppMachine Celebrates: App Prices Go Down

AppMachine News Jerry Lieveld 2 Feb 2015

AppMachine now supports more than 150,000 app designers worldwide, a milestone that has to be celebrated! We´d like to share our success with our users by announcing a new and lower pricing for 2015. All your apps will become even more attractive.

AppMachine has grown with incredible pace since the start of our software platform. In 2011, AppMachine was one of the first DIY platforms to build your own apps without writing a single line of code. Thanks to our users, AppMachine has now become one of the most powerful app platforms around. We feel it’s time to reward our users by giving them a significant discount on all app prices permanently. Check our Pricing page for details.

That being said we’ve also got some game changing innovations for 2015. This will be our most innovative year ever so stay tuned for new features and even better building blocks!

The new pricing applies to all Plus and Pro apps for all our customers and will start at their next billing period (yearly or monthly).

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