AppMachine CEO Again Nominated As CEO Of The Year

AppMachine News Jerry Lieveld 18 Jun 2014

For the second year in a row AppMachine’s founder and CEO Siebrand Dijkstra has been nominated for CEO of the Year by professional IT magazine Computable.

The Computable Awards are the most important IT awards in the Netherlands and are intended for companies, projects and persons that, according to Computable’s readers, have clearly distinguished themselves in the past year. Five companies, projects and persons have been nominated for each category. Siebrand is one of the five nominees for the CEO of the Year award. Who are the others? Read Computable to find out. The jury’s ranking and the number of reader votes will each determine for 50% which nominee is presented with an award. Vote now

Professional native apps worldwide

Siebrand Dijkstra founded AppMachine in 2011. With a team of 18 developers, he created an online platform that allows anyone to build affordable native iOS and Android apps in a short period of time. Thanks to AppMachine, app building no longer requires any technical or design skills, although customers can still hire designers and programmers to develop great apps for them using AppMachine. Last year Computable’s jury was impressed by the ease of use and high quality of the software. This year the jury especially praises the accelerated growth of AppMachine and its expansion to the USA. AppMachine already has 88,000 users in 140 countries,  36 employees and offices in The Netherlands, USA, Germany and Brazil.

Previous successes

Siebrand had earlier successes in founding companies. His first start-up was Quality Netware Tools BV (QNT), which developed communication software in a time when internet hardly did exist. In a period of eight years he managed to sell 11,000 products, including internet domains and software for a quicker control of printers, to 3,800 companies.

After the sale of QNT, Siebrand founded SchoolMaster. This company developed administrative software for schools in secondary education under the brand of Magister. SchoolMaster started off in 2001, serving 50 small schools and a total of 50,000 students. In 2009, the company controlled 80 per cent of the market, serving 500 schools and a total of 800,000 students. After selling SchoolMaster, Siebrand set out to look for a new challenge, which became AppMachine.

You can still vote for Siebrand through Computable’s website, as lines stay open until 15 October 2014. The winners will be announced on 6 November during a festive gala night.