AppMachine to discontinue Windows Phone Support

AppMachine News, Mobile News Jerry Lieveld 15 Sep 2016

In July 2014, AppMachine released Windows Phone 8 support to its users. However, due to recent changes in Microsoft’s policies, AppMachine has decided to discontinue Windows Phone support.

What does this mean for you?
The apps that have already been published to the Windows Phone Store will remain available unless these are removed due to Microsoft’s recent policy changes. You will still be able to submit content updates for the apps that are in the Windows Phone Store.

About the recent policy changes
Microsoft has expressed the desire to be increasingly selective about new apps that are submitted to their stores. These will need to be sufficiently “unique” and no new apps will be approved that cater only to a limited audience.

Apps that (..) appeal only to a limited audience will be unpublished to allow developers the opportunity to make improvements.”

AppMachine’s goal has always been to make developing and publishing apps accessible to all. This includes apps for SMBs, an event or artist, who want to share relevant information with a targeted audience, or want to use the app just to engage their users.

Microsoft’s recent policy changes offer no basis for us to continue offering Windows Phone support.

In the coming days, AppMachine will be removing the possibility to publish new apps to the Windows Phone Store.

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