AppMachine goes iOS 11

onbekende post Liz Bollema 26 Apr 2018

We have released our new iOS 11 build. Apps made with AppMachine will now be fully compatible with the newest iOS version.

Changes our iOS 11 build include:

  • Ability to upload iPhone X splash screen (optional – iPhone 5 and higher splashscreen will be stretched if left empty).
  • Ability to upload iPhone X screenshots (optional).
  • Apps are now built using the iOS 11 SDK, making full use of the iPhone X super retina display.

All new app submissions and updates will be built using the iOS 11 SDK. Want to update your app to support iOS 11? Triggering a store update can be done by adjusting your App Store store information, e.g. uploading an iPhone X splash screen image, and clicking on “Update Now”.

If you have any questions regarding the new build, don’t hesitate and contact us at