We have released our new iOS 11 build. Apps made with AppMachine will now be fully compatible with the newest iOS version.

Changes our iOS 11 build include:

  • Ability to upload iPhone X splash screen (optional – iPhone 5 and higher splashscreen will be stretched if left empty).
  • Ability to upload iPhone X screenshots (optional).
  • Apps are now built using the iOS 11 SDK, making full use of the iPhone X super retina display.

All new app submissions and updates will be built using the iOS 11 SDK. Want to update your app to support iOS 11? Triggering a store update can be done by adjusting your App Store store information, e.g. uploading an iPhone X splash screen image, and clicking on “Update Now”.

If you have any questions regarding the new build, don’t hesitate and contact us at support@appmachine.com