AppMachine greetings from Brazil!

AppMachine News Fleur 16 Sep 2013

A small team of AppMachiners travelled from the Far North to the Sweltering South to help introduce AppMachine to the Brazilian market. With success!

After its launch on home soil, AppMachine chose Brazil as the second territory to officially launch their revolutionary platform. Brazil is a tiny bit bigger than The Netherlands (240 times so), and brimming with potential and possibilities. This developing economy has a rapidly growing population and smartphone use, and is host to the two biggest upcoming sporting events in the world. In other words: the ideal playing field for AppMachine.

The ground work was done in Rio de Janeiro where Miguel our Dutch-Portugese product specialist translated the website. But who could introduce AppMachine better than makers themselves? Hence a four man (and woman) strong delegation jumped on the plane to help the Brazilians warm up to our app solution. First stop: Sao Paulo. This ‘ concrete jungle’ (because of the huge amount of flats) is single-handedly responsible for almost 50% of the Gross National Income and thus the ideal starting point for our Brazilian adventure. The first two days we mainly saw only the insides of these concrete buildings, as we were fully booked with interviews with journalists from leading technology blogs and magazines. “Dutch startup arrives in Brazil ” opened IDGNOW! and MeioBit concluded: “With the growing demand for apps it is likely that many people are interested in a user-friendly platform such as AppMachine.”


Fortunately founding father Siebrand never gets tired of talking about his AppMachine, because he delivered a keynote at the Latin American edition of The Next Web conference. In his presentation on networking he not only introduced AppMachine to the audience, but also introduced the audience members to each other. As a social experiment he had the whole room up on their feet and had the listeners quickly introduce themselves to their neighbours sitting right behind them. This linked nicely to the TNW-app that was built with AppMachinewhich contained very innovative new features. All of the conference participants could add three tags to their LinkedIn-profile. All the attendees could browse through the list of visitors to see if there were interesting people to meet. To exchange contact information, all they had to do was to shake their smartphones in order to automatically transfer the data – no more hassle with old fashioned business cards.

The saying that really fits AppMachine is ‘seeing is believing’, so after the keynote it was time for demos – and then you could really see the concept click with the audience . Besides enthusiastic responses ( “You empower people”) a huge deal of interest was generated: from market leaders in the entertainment industry and universities, to the professional association of app builders and many entrepreneurs with speciality products.

For the Dutch the visit was an eye opener, too. For example, the Internet and WiFi-connection left a lot to be desired in Brazil. The unreliable data-signal was a terrific argument for the native apps that you build with AppMachine, because once you have the cached information, it stays available even when offline.

Back in Rio de Janeiro there was more business (meaning more press interviews) and sightseeing. Sometimes the two were combined, as was the case on Friday night in the best dance club in the country, which included a meet and great with DJ Carlo Dall Anese, who was interested in making his own app with AppMachine. On the last day the team sampled Brazilian culture and caught some sun at the famous beach of Copacabana. This was enlarged by a Dutch dredging company in the 70’s; a clear sign that Dutch and Brazilian business can result in exciting things!

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