AppMachine At HTML5 Dev Conference

AppMachine News Jerry Lieveld 20 Oct 2014

AppMachine is present at the HTML5 DevConf, which says to be “the largest gathering of technical software developers, designers and decision makers in the world focused on internet software technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, node.js and other cross platform web, mobile and server technologies.”

AppMachine will demonstrate its new HTML5 web app functionality, which will go into beta soon. The beta version for block builders will be announced as well at the conference. The Dev Conference App was made with AppMachine’s software.

Expanding possibilities for developers

AppMachine’s CEO Siebrand Dijkstra is looking forward to the developers conference: “Although our app building platform is easy to use, we’re expanding the possibilities for professional developers fast. They already can use our advanced Pro version and create their own functionality with Custom JS,  import data or connect to web services. Soon they will be able to deliver web apps and sell their custom made functionality to us. We’re also starting both beta version soon. I’m looking out for their reactions at the conference.”

Siebrand will give his demonstration of the new HTML5 web app functionality on Monday the 20th. Developers can now register for the beta version of web apps. Siebrand will open the registration for AppMachine’s block builders beta as well. Two of AppMachine’s Senior Software Engineers will also give a demonstration at the DevConf.

Stunning HTML 5 web apps

AppMachine has been creating native apps since three years and will soon start the beta version of HTML5 web apps. “Mobile web apps were not as user friendly and fancy as native apps,” says Siebrand, “but with technology integrated in AppMachine, we bring the ‘native feeling’ to web apps in the browser. Our web apps now equal the quality of native and thanks to the and AppMachine partnership, HTML5 web apps will look just as stunning as native apps. They will have the smoothest transitions with 60 frames a second. That is TV quality.”

Web apps also make developing apps a lot easier. They are distributed via a URL, not via the app stores. “They are instantly available and you don’t need a developer license for the stores either,” AppMachine´s CEO explains.

Sign up to test the beta version of our web apps.

Sell building blocks

AppMachine users have 35+ pre-coded building blocks at their disposal to make mobile apps without coding. “Because we have so many ideas for new building blocks and only limited time, we are giving developers the chance to make new building blocks for us,” Dijkstra explains. “Developers can use Custom JavaScript and web services to deliver new building blocks. There is a $1000 reward for blocks that will make it to our platform.”

Develop building blocks for us and sign up for the beta.

HTML5 Dev Conference App

The HTML 5 DevConf used Appmachine software to make their event app. The app shows the schedule, all the speakers and training sessions. The app is, of course, available as native and HTML5 web app.

The conference is in downtown San Francisco on October 20 & 21 at Moscone Center.

AppMachine´s sessions are on Monday 20th.

More information:

Download the HTML5 Dev Conference app.

Take a look at all the developer documentation needed to build an awesome app yourself –  AppMachine’s developer page.