AppMachine in the press

AppMachine News Jerry Lieveld 20 Jun 2013

AppMachine’s launch has not gone unnoticed. The press devoted considerable attention to the fact, in media ranging from professional magazines to national television. Needless to say this resulted in tons of feedback. In fact the overwhelming attention briefly overloaded our servers! Below is a selection from the press clippings.

AppMachine rapidly expands its business

“AppMachine is rapidly expanding its business”, was the headline to an interview by Sprout with AppMachine’s CEO Siebrand Dijkstra. In the interview with the Dutch entrepreneurial magazine, Siebrand explains once again what makes AppMachine so unique. “We make app development accessible to a mass public. Our mission is to ensure AppMachine becomes a trusted brand. Our main target group consists of small companies with fewer than 20 employees. There are 48 million of these organizations worldwide. From my personal experience I know these customers would like to have a mobile app.” Read the full Dutch article on Sprout

AppMachine showcases impressive feats

Investor Thijs Gitmans of Peak Capital also commented on Sprout: “AppMachine showcases impressive feats.” Gitmans took the solution for a test drive. He embarked on the creation of his own app and quickly managed to achieve a highly presentable result. Gitmans regards AppMachine chiefly as a tool for designers and developers. “I have seen a number of examples of apps built using AppMachine, and the results look very attractive,” he commented on Sprout. “To me AppMachine seems one of the most complete tools for building your own apps.” The venture capital investor is not only impressed by the software, but also praises AppMachine’s business approach: “Lately it’s been hard to miss AppMachine. Big ambitions, impressive figures, not your average start-up.” Read the full Dutch article on Sprout

An easy way of piecing apps together

Baaz, entrepreneurial magazine and blog, also covered AppMachine’s launch in considerable details. The main gist of their article on AppMachine is that it allows users to build apps easily without the need for programming skills.

Make your own app: extremely easy — and free

AppMachine’s launch was even covered briefly by national television. The Dutch broadcaster RTL 4 came up with a fun item on AppMachine in its Editie NL program. According to the presenters, you might just earn millions using an app that only cost you a few hundred. You can view the program at RTL. The feature also includes a live demo with instructions for creating your own app. “If you visit the website, you’ll be able to create your own app this every evening,” concluded the show’s presenter. And boy, did we notice. As a result of the overwhelming interest, AppMachine’s servers overheated for a short while.

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