AppMachine To Launch Beta Version

AppMachine News Liz Bollema 18 Jan 2013

It’s ready to go! Following a lengthy period of preparation, development and testing, AppMachine plans to launch its Beta version in early February. Thereafter, AppMachine will be ready for the general public.

The Beta Version

The Beta version is meant for a limited group of people. They’ll be the first to build gorgeous apps and discover AppMachine’s possibilities. These people are our pioneers. They are the ones who will discover unexpected issues in our new system. And they may find some errors. All these people will be in direct contact with us so that we can respond quickly to clarify issues or correct errors. To prevent everyone from discovering the same errors at the same time, we will add beta testers in phases. We’ll add a few more people every day. This way, we hope to launch a perfect version of AppMachine.

Make Your Own App

What does this entail? Early in February, we’ll email the people who have contacted us and offer them a free account. Thereafter, we’ll announce the details and conditions of the beta period. Then all the people who registered can make a great app for themselves or their organization. If you don’t hear from us right at the start of February, please be patient.
You haven’t registered as a beta tester but you want to? Do it right away! We’re interested in hearing about every error you find and all the feedback you send.

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