AppMachine partner of The Next Web Conference Latin America

AppMachine News Jerry Lieveld 22 Aug 2013

The Next Web Conference in São Paulo, Latin America’s leading technology event, will be held on the 28th and 29th of August. AppMachine is one of the conference’s proud partners. AppMachine built the app for this exciting event. It features a unique networking feature. Attendees can connect to others in the industry and even chat with those that they’d like to get in touch with.

The always bustling São Paulo is buzzing with activity and excitement in preparation for The Next Web Conference LatAm. All the big names in the technology industry will be present at the event as well as many exciting startups to professional marketers and large investors.

It’s no surprise that everyone wants to be present at this important event; Latin America has more than 500 million people and more than 700 million mobile subscriptions. The market for mobile and internet services is far from saturated. It offers plenty of opportunities. At the conference you will therefore find businesses, visitors and speakers from various continents.

A conference app with a networking function

Almost everyone at the conference will be using the official TNW Conference app built ​​with AppMachine. For the first time, this app has been given a unique network function developed by AppMachine. Visitors can log into the app with their LinkedIn account and choose three tags that best describe their qualities. Once you are logged into the app  you can see who the other attendees are and what their specialisms are. Attendees thus filter the list of visitors on the area that interests them. If the user wants to make an appointment with another attendee then the user can send an invitation to chat with that person via the app.

The app also provides all the usual elements of an excellent conference app: the programme, venue, a speakers list, as well as photos and videos.  AppMachine’s CEO, Siebrand Dijkstra, will be speaking during the conference. He will show attendees how you can build an app like that of The Next Web LatAm

The app for TNW LatAm  is available in the app stores.