AppMachine set to enter US Market

AppMachine News Jerry Lieveld 22 Jan 2014

AppMachine is about to formally enter the US market and is taking the move seriously. An office in San Francisco has been recently opened and mobile app industry pioneer Joe Monastiero has been appointed as Managing Director of AppMachine USA. AppMachine is aiming to change the entire landscape of how mobile apps are developed today. For some it may come as a surprise that Monastiero, who has been building mobile app platforms and ecosystems for more than 8 years, is now working with a Dutch start up. Not according to the former VP and co-founder of appMobi and Intervideo.

Joe Monastiero
“I’ve never seen a product in this space as compelling as what AppMachine brings to the table. There are plenty of ‘build it yourself’ mobile app development solutions – we built one at appMobi – but none of them takes the end result to such a powerful and elegant level as AppMachine. It simply is hands down the best mobile app platform there is. Believe me, the company is about to turn the app development world upside down. Its so robust developers will think its Christmas every day,” says the new Managing Director.

Team US continues ‘Rock the World’ Tour

Siebrand Dijkstra
“Mr Monastiero will be responsible for introducing our app building powerhouse to the US market,” says AppMachine CEO Siebrand Dijkstra, serial entrepreneur, nominated as CEO of the year by the Dutch magazine Computable and nominated for the Rising Star Award 2013 by Deloitte.
“He’ll be building a team in San Francisco to continue the ‘Rock the World’ tour that AppMachine is currently on. If you want or need to build a cost-effective, full-featured, non-cookie cutter app with unlimited web services integration, the answer, also in the US, is AppMachine,” says Dijkstra.

Board of advisors of Boost Ventures

Marco ten Vaanholt & Mukul Agarwal
Mr. Monastiero and AppMachine US will be supported by a new U.S. advisory board consisting of Silicon Valley veterans Marco ten Vaanholt and Mukul Agarwal from Boost Ventures. “They are both deeply experienced in helping foreign companies expand and penetrate the US market”, explains Dijkstra.

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