AppMachine Switches Pricing Model To Subscription Based Purchase

AppMachine News Jerry Lieveld 22 Feb 2014

AppMachine has changed its pricing model to a subscription model. We also changed our product line to two new types of apps: Plus and Pro.

Why AppMachine changed its pricing model

Our clients asked for it. It seems that most preferred the choice of either a monthly or yearly fee versus a larger initial investment. The number of AppMachine resellers is also growing rapidly, and resellers are selling apps to clients within their own subscription based services. And, after all, we seem to be living in a subscription based era these days: leading companies like Microsoft and Adobe have recently changed their product offerings in the same direction. Another major advantage of a subscription-based business model is that clients will always have the latest  product releases and therefore are working with the same up-to-date software. If third parties such as Facebook, Twitter and Apple change their API,  AppMachine will now always make your apps compliant and resubmit them when necessary. This also gives all our clients instant access to any new functionality our 20 developers are developing. So you can update your app all the time with new capabilities.

Two new type of apps

We have changed the different app versions we offer. Gorgeous & Designer have been changed to Plus and Pro.

  • Plus: Build native apps for iPhone, Android and WP8 with all of our customizable building blocks.
  • Pro: Build professional native apps  using your own data (Excel or web services),  add your own functionality with JavaScript and add your own business logic to the screens.

You can compare the new Plus and Pro plans here  and see the pricing.

The new pricing model

  • Purchase of apps is now subscription-based, paid either monthly or annually.
    You can find the new prices here.
  • New plans: Plus and Pro, differ from the old Gorgeous/Designer/Pro.
  • Push messages and update subscription (now called Live Updates) are now included in each of the plans.
  • No extra price will be calculated for Premium building blocks.

The new pricing model applies to all apps that will be bought as of Feb 22nd.

Transition for current apps

  1. All Gorgeous apps and Designer apps will be upgraded to Plus apps with no extra fees.
  2. For apps that already have been bought the rest stays the same.  Additional products like Updates (€228 per year) and push (€99) will remain available throughout 2014 and 2015.

If you have any questions about the new pricing plan or about becoming a reseller please contact us.

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