Apps For The Spa And Wellness Industry

App Building, Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 15 Feb 2016

Spa and wellness is all about relaxation and enjoyment. So communication with loyal visitors should be the most enjoyable form of keeping in touch: with an app on their smartphone. Works best for clients and offers great sales opportunities for spa owners.

Clearly presented information is crucial in the wellness and spa industry. Just think of what a wellness center has to offer: dozens of beauty treatments, skin care treatments and various massages on various days of the week. And how about special opening hours due to maintenance? Or discounts for quiet hours?

“Can I get that superb Abhyanga Hotstone Massage on Wednesdays?”

How do clients find their treatment? Or a price list? “When is that Swiss Cellular Anti-Aging Treatment?” “Can I get that superb Abhyanga Hotstone Massage on Wednesdays?” If customers are looking for answer to such specific questions, they are about to book. So how do you land this easy catch? A mobile app is your best gear by far.

The luxury and affluent look and feel

With an app you claim your place on your customers’ smartphone. No need to search, no browser, no wifi connection required. A smartphone app is only a tap away, has a superior usability and is presenting the luxury and affluent look and feel you like to offer your loyal visitors.

How to use spa apps for sales and marketing

Sure, with an app customers can check opening hours, find their treatment, call direct and book anytime, but as a spa owner you don’t have to wait until customers check your app. Apps are interactive and offer great sales opportunities.

1. Offer discounts and coupons


People just love discounts and coupons, even in a luxury industry as the wellness business. You could presents coupons in your app for new treatments you’d like to promote. Or offer discounts for quiet hours. One again: you don’t have to spend extra on advertizing: just use your app to interact with your most loyal customers. “Every Friday Afternoon: Special Family Spa for only $9,99.” Send a push message with your offer for extra attention.

2. Use push notifications

push notification

Push notification are short, hard to ignore messages that appear on the smartphone screen. If used sparsely they can have great impact.

You may send push messages to all your app users or only to a certain group. You can even send messages to users in a specific area. Or make various categories app users can subscribe to. Are there last minute cancellations of a beauty treatment? Quickly send users in your part of town a push message with a special offer:  “Last minute deal: today a 35% discount on all beauty treatments.”

Is the spa closed for maintenance? Open a new infrared cabin? A push message delivers your info right on the smartphone screen.

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Create a Customer Loyalty Card
Reward your loyal visitors for their returning visits. The in-app customer loyalty card offers an easy savings program. No need for separate cards, it’s just part of the app. You can set up your own savings program with any kind of rewards. “Bring a guest, get a free carrot-ginger-kale-shake” “Three visits: half price for lunch” “Five beauty treatments, 6th for free!”

How to set up your own in-app customer savings program

Social media in your app

Integrate your social media like Facebook and Twitter or even YouTube and Vimeo in your app. This will automatically give ‘em the look and feel of your company since you can design your app anyway you want. Users will not be distracted by other posts or tweets. In your app, it´s just you and your audience.

Sell your products with your app

Selling beauty products can be a good  source of extra income. Think of moisturizers, cleansing oil or body scrubs you use in your spa. You could easily sell these products with your app. Just integrate your web shop or make it app only. Customers can shop with their app and even decide how to pay. The app also offers the choice between pick up and delivery at a location they prefer.

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