How Apps Can Help You Go Green

Get Inspired Liz Bollema 7 Nov 2016

Sustainability. Whether it’s your belief or a marketing driven maneuver, you cannot run counter to the ethos of your clients. Discover how apps can help you go green.

Going paperless is one of the easy tricks when it comes to building a more sustainable business. Sure, there are tools as Evernote, Pocket and ToDoist that organize your paperless life, but companies need more than that when transitioning from physical documents to an electronic document management system. They need a native app.

Numerous benefits of native apps

As an app builder, you probably know that native apps are designed to work on the smartphone’s operating system which gives them numerous benefits over mobile websites. Native apps can use the smartphone’s camera and GPS, they work without an internet connection and offer various extras such as push messages, custom made forms and the ability to lock certain information to certain users.

Start with internal communication

The switch to paperless usually starts with a company’s internal communication and a native app is the ideal way to organize it. Activities, calendars, phone books, agendas for and reports of meetings: with a native app users have it all on their smartphone.

Most meetings are packed with documents. Some still are paper documents which is no longer tenable, others are electronic, predominantly attached to emails. Let’s be honest: how many times have you lost track of documents in the endless email forwarding loop?

If you have children in school, you’re probably experiencing a daily overload of paper notes and invitations. Wouldn’t you welcome that information uncluttered on your smartphone? Let’s keep the paper for our toddlers’ drawings.

Lock block

Access by authorization level

With a native app, you easily add information, videos  and PDFs to your app. Are you (or is your corporate client) concerned about the company’s classified information? With AppMachine’s software  you can easily lock information with a password, a QR code, GPS or by user authorization level, which means you can give access to all registered users or to users with a certain level of authorization such as ‘employee’, ‘manager’ or ‘boss’.


Notify users with a push message

To notify users, you send them a push message. The app on the user’s smartphone will open on the right block after tapping the push message. There’s no need to save an attachment. Push messages can be sent to all users, to a selected group of users or to individual registered users and can be scheduled in advance. “Hi John, your meeting starts in 15 minutes, your documents are now available here.” Push notification have been added to AppMachine’s API which gives you more control and extra options. See the benefits of push messages in the AppMachine API

Business to employee app

The use of custom made forms and web services (in the Pro version of AppMachine apps) facilitates employees on the go such as engineers, mechanics and sales persons. They can use the company’s smartphone app to upload data or photo’s which saves them a trip to the office to transfer their notes or illegible handwriting into readable text. As we’ve experienced, this is a great advantage of a business-to-employee app.