The Benefits Of Subscription Based App Software

App Building, Reseller Jerry Lieveld 23 Dec 2014

If you’re going to develop a mobile app, you basically have two choices: have your app developed by an agency for a one time fee,  or use subscription based software to build your app. AppMachine offers an online app CMS with monthly and yearly subscriptions. What are the benefits of such an app subscription?

Apps starting at a month are relatively cheap, but if your app subscription runs for years, you still spend a lot of money on your app, right? Is a one-off app fee a better solution? No, it’s not. We have several decisive reasons for our subscription based software model.

Decisive reasons for a subscription

1. Third party changes

Once your app is in the stores, we make sure it will keep function properly. AppMachine apps partially depend on third parties such as Facebook, Twitter, Ustream, Soundcloud, Google and Apple. If Twitter changes its API or Apple releases a new  iOS, then all our apps will be made compliant and are resubmitted automatically in the app stores to guarantee they’ll still function properly.

2.Apps need to be updated

Having a mobile app is a continuous process. We believe mobile apps will be the number one means of communication, so you just can´t leave an app for what is it.  Companies that take mobile marketing seriously will update their app frequently.  Some apps need to be updated every week, some once a month. With AppMachine apps you can update and change your app as often as you like. You may even change the design completely. With a one-off fee, you always have to go back to the app maker who will charge you for additional costs.

The subscription model also guarantees that our and your clients will have the latest product releases and are working with up to date software. Your apps won’t look out-off-date on any new iPhone.

3.Improve your app with new features

AppMachine claims to be the best mobile app building platform. So we live up to your expectations by improving our software continuously. We’re also delivering new features in rapid pace. All new functionality is available for our users, for free. We recently added the Ustream building block that enables live video streams in your app. Or use our new Customer Loyalty Card to strengthen your brand loyalty with a mobile app.

4. Fits your own subscription based pricing model

AppMachine is widely used in the professional app building business. A large number of resellers use our software to sell apps to their clients within their own subscription based services. The subscription based business model is also widely used by companies like Microsoft and Adobe who offer their Software As A Service (SAAS).

5. Apps for a limited time like event apps

If you only need a mobile app for a limited time, in case you have an event or organize an exhibition, you can simply pay for two or three months and end your subscription. This hardly happens, though. Updating and changing an app is so easy that most people are reusing their event apps over and over.

Check the Pricing page for our subscription models.

We’ll  summarize it for you  in an infographic: