5 Tips To Get Started With The Best App Design

App Building, App Design Jerry Lieveld 24 Jul 2014

If you’re building an app with AppMachine, you can forget about coding and programming. We’ve already done that job! All you have to do is focus on the app design. But where do you begin? This is where lots of users get frustrated. What if you’re not an experienced designer? What are the do’s and don’ts when designing an app? These five tips about app design will easily get you started. They apply to both our design templates and to your own custom design.

  1. Think about your users
    It’s your app, but you didn’t make it just for you, did you? The app supplies information for your users, so make sure any user can find that info fast. If it takes them a couple of minutes to find out how the app works, they will likely move on. Always keep the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) in mind for all users, even for those who need reading glasses. Don´t make your text too small and make sure your buttons are clearly visible. Use submenus in your app design to arrange your content. Apps use swipes and taps to navigate, not clicks and enters. Keep that in mind when designing as well.
  2. Go for contrast
    If there is one rule in app design, this would be it–make sure your app design has contrast, and we mean lots of contrast. Why? Smartphone screens are small and users are quickly distracted. The app design should be pleasant, attractive, and clear. Choose contrasting but complementing colors for your menu, icons, images, and text. Of course you can use your company colors or the colors of your Website. Are you new to color schemes? Check out Adobe Kuler to see what the right colors can do for your overall look. Just pick one of your desired colors and choose contrasting colors that look good. Since your app has many elements (buttons, nav bar, table cells, etc.), you will be using quite a few different colors. There also is a great AppMachine tutorial about how to choose colors.
  3. Keep it clean
    Don´t overdo your design. You have at least a thousand possibilities to alter your app design, even if you´re using one of our templates. Don´t use all thousand, not even 900. Mobile users like a clean intuitive design, so make sure you have a cleanly cut navigation menu, submenus and content. Keep it clean and keep it simple.
  4. Get your images right
    Sloppy pictures will ruin your design. Use good-quality photography with high resolution, sharpness, and captivating colors. Getting great images is not that hard; All AppMachine users may use 10 professional images in their app from stock photo agency Getty Images for only $35. Getty’s search tool is integrated in AppMachine’s designer platform. You can find almost any picture you like by refining your search. When you use a background image, be aware of the different screen sizes. A background image for iPhone 4 is smaller than an image for iPhone 5 and some Android Phones. Read more about the best background image sizing.
  5. Use the previewer
    View the app on the device your building it for: the smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone or Android smartphone. Use our previewer app on your smartphone or the simulator in the browser to see how your design looks. Make sure you check, double check, and check again. Not convinced you can do your own app design? Get a professional app design from one of our Pro designers

Take a look at the different designs, not one AppMachine app is alike!