Betsie Larkin: AppMachine Is Awesome!

Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 29 Sep 2014

Vocalist and songwriter Betsie Larkin is one of our favorite artists, for many reasons. One is that she’s a happy AppMachine user. She has just published her own Betsie Larkin app. “A wonderful product. You guys are awesome.”

Betsie, a mobile app? What does it add to your communication with fans?

“I think most people these days are using their mobile devices almost as much as their computers. I wanted to make it easier for my fans to stay updated on my news, and also have the ability to take my music with them while they’re commuting, working, exercising, et cetera. There’s no better way to do that than through a mobile app.”

How do your fans respond to the app?

“They love it! It’s a free app and they seem really grateful that I took the step to make my music, news, and other content more easily accessible for them.

How was it to build your app with AppMachine?

“It was so fun and easy. You guys made something complicated feel very intuitive. The building blocks are very visual, which is a million times better than reading text instructions. You don’t need a lot of guidance – the navigation in the building stage of the app encouraged me to just start putting things together right out of the gate. The previewer allowed me to see it take shape.”

Is it just fun, or do you expect any commercial opportunities of your app?

“I sell T-shirts on my app and have actually already seen more interest there. Before I had to tell people about my various merchandise through promotion and posts – those who have my app will stumble on it more naturally than they would in one of the Facebook tabs where it also lives.”

Are your happy with the result?

“I think it’s stunning! The design elements feel really special and modern. This is a wonderful product. As someone who lives in the Bay Area around many of the tech startups, I know how expensive and time-consuming app creation can be. I don’t know if I would have embarked on that journey if this solution wasn’t available. You guys are awesome.”


Download the official Betsie Larkin app >