Liberty Day Festival (Bevrijdingsfestival) gets a unique app

Get Inspired Liz Bollema 1 May 2013

The Bevrijdingsfestival on May 5th is the biggest one-day cultural festival in the Netherlands. A dazzling spectacle of 14 festivals, 40 stages, 250 bands, one million visitors, and… one really cool app built collaboratively using AppMachine.

There is one festival for each of the Netherlands’ 12 provinces. The seat of the government, The Hague, and the capital, Amsterdam, also have their own festivals which brings the final tally to 14 festivals. The festivals’ official app gives you all important information about all 14 festivals like: activities you can participate in, the locations of the festivals, the performance schedule for each stage, the time of arrival of the festival ambassadors, and much, much more! You’ll find it all in the app made possible by festivals’ national committee.

The Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei, the organization that oversees the 14 festivals, is proud of the results. Claartje Nicolas, coordinator of the bevrijdingsfestivals, says,”It is a clear, easy to use app that features all the information that you need to enjoy the festivities. The cherry on top is, of course, the torch feature which represents the fact that we realize the value of our freedom and that of our peers on this important day.”

Live previewing and collaboration

This was accomplished through amazing collaboration between all of the festival subcommittees and due to AppMachine’s user-friendly software. A number of committee members around the country were able to preview the app live while it was being built and make changes to content when needed. The designers at AppMachine set all this content in a beautiful design and included a nice freedom torch feature.

Apps in the air

“Put ya apps in the air!” “We want to see those apps!” There’s a big chance that you’ll hear one of these phrases during some of the artist performances. We’ve all heard performers yell, “Put your hands in the air,” or the sea of lighters swaying back and forth, but, hey, that’s so 2012. Don’t you think? It’s time we started using our apps. The Bevrijdingsfestival app has a freedom torch (the festival’s logo) built in to the app that you can hold up in the air. It’s a unique gimmick that we added to the app with a new block; the custom javascript block. You can use this block to add custom features to your app. Soon you’ll be seeing a mass of people holding up flickering torches of red, white and blue.

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