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App Building, Reseller Jerry Lieveld 3 Nov 2015

With SMB’s turning to mobile en masse, you could be selling lots of apps to clients. Not sure how to get started? AppMachine’s new and improved Reseller Program is here to help.

Boost your app business by becoming an AppMachine Reseller. Our Reseller Program will give you numerous benefits. To begin with, you get a better deal for your apps with the Reseller Bundles. You could buy apps for as little as €10 per app per month and sell them for any price you think is appropriate.

Reseller Benefits

Planning on selling more than two apps? Become an AppMachine Reseller and receive all the sweet perks extended to resellers. Besides an excellent price point, resellers get access to:

  • White Label Program
  • Set your own pricing
  • Get featured on
  • Territory leads
  • Training program

What are Reseller Bundles?

We’ve made becoming a reseller easy. There are no initial fees or any obligations for our resellers to start their own apps business. With the Reseller Bundles, you just buy a bundle of apps for a fixed price: a small bundle of 3 apps for €99/month or a large bundle of 30 for €300/month. A combination of two 3-apps bundles is also possible. As a Reseller, you’re free to charge your own clients what you want for an app.

You could start small with a 3-app bundle and add more bundles when you become a successful app seller. Each app in your bundle can be replaced once with a different app. This is what we call a “seat” or “slot.” Publishing an event app for a few months? Use your first app’s first “seat” and then remove the app from the stores once the event is over. Use the second “seat” for an event happening later in the year. The 30 apps bundle does not have that restriction and offers unlimited seats.

White Label Program

With AppMachine’s White Label Program, none of your clients will know that you’re using AppMachine to build apps. You can even provide your clients with access to a White Label Client CMS, a great tool to manage the content of their app. Most of our resellers make apps for clients with initial content and then hand over the content management and updates to the client.

More benefits

As a reseller you can also get featured on as an app specialist. If AppMachine gets leads in your area, these will be referred to you. On our reseller page you see many resellers from various countries in the world. You also receive priority support in our help desk, access to a special reseller section on our support documentation, and a training program.

Become an AppMachine Reseller now! 
Do you want to read more info first? Check our information about becoming reseller here.


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