Carp Zwolle App Brings Modern Commerce to Carp Fishing

Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 4 Mar 2014

Carp Zwolle is Europe’s largest carp fishing exhibition and this year celebrates its 20th anniversary with a free app for all visitors. The mobile app brings modern smartphone commerce to carp fishing.

Being an event app, the Carp Zwolle app obviously contains the usual event features: floor plans, navigation, program and speaker info. What makes it special are the in-app special offers. “Exhibitors can buy their listing in the app to get extra attention from attendees,” explains app developer Mark Hofman of Carp Media. “The Carp Show in the Dutch city Zwolle features hundreds of exhibitors utilizing 17.500 square meters. How do you get your fair part of those visitors to your booth?”

Exhibitors Use App to Attract More visitors

Several exhibitors therefore buy their listing in the app with an attractive discount or special offer. “Carp fishers are always interested in new fishing gear, ”says app developer and carp fisher Mark, who also is one of the webmasters of an online carp fishing community. “Exhibitors present their special offer in the app, but you can only get the products at the exhibit booth. The more attractive the deal, the more visitors you attract. This is a good example how exhibitions can profit from a mobile app.”
Side effect of the special exhibit deals is that the app developers see some revenues from their investment. “Building an app with AppMachine does not cost much, but it sure is profitable to share costs. And by doing so, we ´ve been able to offer the app at a very low price to the organization of Carp Zwolle.”

Corporate Carp Fishing Getting App Curious

The app has already been downloaded more than 3,000 times and gets positive reviews and reactions. “Users really like the way we present all information on their smartphone. If anything changes, updating the app is easy for us. And we see quite a lot of updates because more and more exhibitors apply to claim their place in the app. We didn’t expect this to be such a success.”

Especially the larger fishing gear companies react enthusiastically.  “This industry has not been mobilized yet and is not very active in online marketing. Since we published our app, corporate carp fishing is getting curious about the commercial use of mobile apps,” says Mark.  “Carp fishing is a big competitive industry that generates a lot of cash. Mobile apps could be a good way to boost your benefits. We’ll surely do this again for next year’s exhibition.”