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The Municipality of Leeuwarden app combines crowd control with city marketing for Serious Request

AppMachine News, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 16 Dec 2013

The Serious Request event by the Dutch radio station 3FM is coming to your town. This means a busy city center, lots of visitors and dozens of concerts and events. The Leeuwarden! app by the municipality of Leeuwarden combines crowd control with city marketing.... Read more

TNW Conference: From web to app

App Building, AppMachine News  Fleur 11 Dec 2013

Patrick de Laive is an internet entrepreneur who is shaping the future through various innovative start-ups. He is a cofounder of the leading technology blog The Next Web as well as the driving force behind the TNW conferences in Europe, the United States and South America. Every TNW conference has its own app, developed using … AppMachine.... Read more

Affordable Apps Finally Accessible To SMEs

App Building, AppMachine News, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 21 Nov 2013

Only a few small and medium-sized enterprises are currently using apps. This is a shame seeing as apps can provide the SME sector clear added value. And since recently, apps are no longer financially out of reach for SMEs. Any company can now afford its own app.... Read more

German app built with AppMachine is No. 1 in iTunes charts – More than 150.000 Downloads in one week

AppMachine News  Liz Bollema 30 Oct 2013

50,000 .. 100,000 .. 150.000 downloads! In just one week the new German app “Tricks for the iPhone” catapulted to the

It´s all about apps at Apps World London

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 21 Oct 2013

It’s all about apps on October 22nd en 23rd at Apps World London, the leading global multi-platform event in the app industry. AppMachine is official partner of Apps World and will be attending the event.... Read more

Who wants to be our Channel Account Manager?

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 15 Oct 2013

AppMachine is growing at a rapid pace. We have reached over 40.​000 users within our first 4 months and recently have opened offices in Brazil and Germany.​... Read more

Amsterdam Dance Event App – The 2013 Remix

AppMachine News, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 10 Oct 2013

The app for the biggest club festival in the world, The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), has once again been made with AppMachine. The app got a thorough 2013 remix: more functionality and a new look.... Read more

AppMachine at The Next Web USA

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 27 Sep 2013

AppMachine will be present at The Next Web Conference USA. On the 1st and 2nd of October, Midtown Manhattan will be abuzz with exciting startups, news-hungry journalists, and smart investors. Every attendee will be able to connect with others with a unique feature in the event’s app built by AppMachine.... Read more

Communication Congress in Berlin with its own app – powered by Helios Media, news aktuell and AppMachine

AppMachine News, Get Inspired  Liz Bollema 25 Sep 2013

This week is the yearly “reunion” of the German PR industry in Berlin. Press spokespeople, PR experts and media professionals come together each september on the Communication Congress to discuss current trends and issues.... Read more

AppMachine greetings from Brazil!

AppMachine News  Fleur 16 Sep 2013

A small team of AppMachiners travelled from the Far North to the Sweltering South to help introduce AppMachine to the Brazilian market. With success!... Read more

AppMachine nominated for the Rising Star Award

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 10 Sep 2013

Although we knew it, it is always nice to receive confirmation from others: AppMachine is now officially a promising company. This is evidenced, in any case, by our nomination for the Rising Star Award 2013, an election of highly promising technology companies that are younger than five years.... Read more

AppMachine’s CEO nominated IT CEO of the Year

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 10 Sep 2013

Professional IT magazine Computable has nominated Siebrand Dijkstra, founder and CEO of AppMachine, CEO of the Year.... Read more

AppMachine partner of The Next Web Conference Latin America

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 22 Aug 2013

The Next Web Conference in São Paulo, Latin America’s leading technology event, will be held on the 28th and 29th of August. AppMachine is one of the conference’s proud partners. AppMachine built the app for this exciting event. It features a unique networking feature. Attendees can connect to others in the industry and even chat with those

AppMachine gives master class at Dutch high school

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 1 Jul 2013

Build your own smartphone app within the space of an hour. An impossible assignment? Not for the students of group 4 of VWO (university preparatory education) at the CSG Jan Arentsz high school in the Dutch city of Alkmaar. During the App Challenge, in the framework of the School Inspiration Day, they were treated to a master class by AppMachine.

AppMachine in the press

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 20 Jun 2013

AppMachine’s launch has not gone unnoticed. The press devoted considerable attention to the fact, in media ranging from professional magazines to national television. Needless to say this resulted in tons of feedback. In fact the overwhelming attention briefly overloaded our servers! Below is a selection from the press clippings.... Read more

AppMachine is now officially live

App Building, AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 12 Jun 2013

AppMachine is now officially live! After a three-month beta phase among 24,000 testers, anyone can now build their own mobile web apps and publish them in the app stores.

AppMachine set to go live on Wednesday

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 11 Jun 2013

AppMachine will officially go live on Wednesday, June 12. Following a three-month beta phase in which 24,000 testers participated, now everybody will be able to create their own app and publish it in the app stores from Wednesday next.... Read more

See AppMachine live in action at MARCOM13

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 11 Jun 2013

Would you like to see for yourself just what AppMachine can do? Then get down to MARCOM13, the event for marketing and communication professionals. MARCOM13 will be held on Wednesday and Thursday in the RAI congress center in Amsterdam. AppMachine will be prominently present during Adformatie magazine’s MARCOM13 event. We have a large stand and

Review of AppMachine – users share their experiences

AppMachine News, Get Inspired  Liz Bollema 1 May 2013

Thousands of apps have been built by people all over the world during the AppMachine beta. The first entirely self-made AppMachine apps to reach the app stores were those of Club Red, a disco in the Dutch town of Leeuwarden, and Travel With

TNW Conference : Sneak Peek of AppMachine’s Developer features

AppMachine News  Liz Bollema 23 Apr 2013

AppMachine will be lifting the veil of its Developer features of the AppMachine platform during The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam on the 25th and 26th of April.... Read more

Interview with Siebrand Dijkstra, CEO AppMachine

AppMachine News  Fleur 17 Apr 2013

 ‘Beautiful is a verb’

The Beta is open!

AppMachine News  Liz Bollema 10 Apr 2013

In the last six weeks, 19,000 people have started building apps with AppMachine. This ultimate user test has sparked an overwhelming amount of positive reactions and has allowed us to work out a number of bugs and issues. We’re happy to say that we are now ready for the next step in our exciting journey, the open beta!... Read more

Making Your Own App with AppMachine

App Building, AppMachine News  Liz Bollema 16 Mar 2013

Susan owns a little wine shop just off the main shopping street. She really wants to make her own app, and she doesn’t want to spend a ton of money on it. It will help her to keep her regular customers informed about upcoming wine tastings which she holds from time to time, usually on Wednesday evenings. She also wants to let them know about any special

Mobile World Congress proves it: We’ve put ourselves on the global map!

AppMachine News  Fleur 28 Feb 2013

Since last Sunday Barcelona has been the place to be for anyone who has anything to do with the mobile world. That’s because Barcelona has been hosting the Mobile World Congress 2013, the world’s largest event for mobiles. And certainly AppMachine is among those enjoying this gigantic mobile party!... Read more

AppMachine To Launch Beta Version

AppMachine News  Liz Bollema 18 Jan 2013

It’s ready to go! Following a lengthy period of preparation, development and testing, AppMachine plans to launch its Beta version in early February. Thereafter, AppMachine will be ready for the general public.... Read more