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Why Mobile Is Taking Over The Business

App Building, Get Inspired, Mobile News  Liz Bollema 14 Oct 2014

Mobile search, mobile purchase, mobile payment, mobile booking, mobile dating. You name it and it turns mobile. Don’t miss out on the biggest tech revolution since the start of internet and mobilize your business now.... Read more

How A Meditation App Can Stimulate The Flow In Your Life

Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 6 Oct 2014

Smartphones can be calming and relaxing, and even stimulate the flow in your life. The app Easy Meditation shows that there is a large demand for easy accessible peace and harmony: the app reached the number 11 position in the Dutch iTunes charts.... Read more

Restaurant App Attracts More Guests

Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 2 Oct 2014

Attract new guests and welcome more frequent visitors. That is what Dutch restaurant ‘Het Roekenbosch’ expects from its new restaurant app.... Read more

Betsie Larkin: AppMachine Is Awesome!

Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 29 Sep 2014

Vocalist and songwriter Betsie Larkin is one of our favorite artists, for many reasons. One is that she’s a happy AppMachine user. She has just published her own Betsie Larkin app. “A wonderful product. You guys are awesome.”... Read more

Dj Dash Berlin Uses App To Stay In Touch With Fans

App Building, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 22 Sep 2014

Being one of the world’s most popular EDM dj’s, Dash Berlin’s tour schedule is fully packed with gigs from China to Cancun and from Singapore to Sydney. For his fans, the official Dash Berlin app is the way to stay in touch with their favorite dj.... Read more

Only The Best Event App Lives Up To Executive Expectations

App Building, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 9 Sep 2014

If you bring 15 foreign top executives and innovation specialist to Silicon Valley, you have to live up to their expectations. So the Executive Startup Bootcamp delivered a state of the art event app with the latest technology.... Read more

In-App Loyalty Card Keeps Customers Coming

App Building, AppMachine News, Get Inspired, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 11 Aug 2014

Keep your customers coming by rewarding them for each visit or purchase. The in-app customer loyalty card is now available for our users and is ideal for retailers, shops, clubs, bars or restaurants. The customer loyalty card is a piece of software you can use in any app. Customers will have the card on their smartphone, so they will always carry it with

A User Story Straight From The Heart

Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 15 Jul 2014

User stories are great, aren’t they? All these happy users praising your product and service. Ok, sometimes they’re slightly scripted since they are marketing tools after all, but this story is different. It’s straight from the heart, and that’s why we like it so much.... Read more

Amnesty International: “Urgent Action App Can Save Lives”

AppMachine News, Get Inspired, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 17 Jun 2014

A mobile app is an outstanding tool to strengthen user engagement, shows Amnesty International. The Dutch section of Amnesty has recently launched its Urgent Action app with which users can sign petitions and send emails to protest against the abuse of human rights.... Read more

How To Make Money With My App

App Building, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 27 May 2014

Would you like to make money with your app? Raise your ROI? Generate an extra source of income? There are four ways to do so.... Read more

Pop Music Award Selects Winner With Smartphone App

Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 10 Apr 2014

The Great Award of the Bollenstreek is the pop music award of the Dutch Rine, Dune and Bulb region, located in the west of Holland and well known for its cultivation of flower bulbs. During the Award people in the audience can vote for their favorite band or artist by using a smartphone app with voting functionality.... Read more

Carp Zwolle App Brings Modern Commerce to Carp Fishing

Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 4 Mar 2014

Carp Zwolle is Europe’s largest carp fishing exhibition and this year celebrates its 20th anniversary with a free app for all visitors. The mobile app brings modern smartphone commerce to carp fishing.... Read more

The Municipality of Leeuwarden app combines crowd control with city marketing for Serious Request

AppMachine News, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 16 Dec 2013

The Serious Request event by the Dutch radio station 3FM is coming to your town. This means a busy city center, lots of visitors and dozens of concerts and events. The Leeuwarden! app by the municipality of Leeuwarden combines crowd control with city marketing.... Read more

The Real Estate Valuator app: 400 building terms in a single app

Get Inspired  Liz Bollema 3 Dec 2013

Real-estate brokers no longer have to memorize volumes of books, and consumers can save themselves a considerable amount of money — all thanks to the free Real Estate Valuator app. Sander Koëter and his son Christiaan distilled their sizeable real-estate knowledge into a handy app that comprises 400 building terms and explanations of building defects:

Powerful Marketing With Push Messages

App Building, Get Inspired, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 29 Nov 2013

AppMachine lets you personalize your app with push messages. Users of your app will directly see your messages on their screen. This makes push messages a powerful instrument in your marketing mix, allowing you to inform loyal customers about promotions, special offers or breaking news.... Read more

Affordable Apps Finally Accessible To SMEs

App Building, AppMachine News, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 21 Nov 2013

Only a few small and medium-sized enterprises are currently using apps. This is a shame seeing as apps can provide the SME sector clear added value. And since recently, apps are no longer financially out of reach for SMEs. Any company can now afford its own app.... Read more

A sports app in tip-top shape

Get Inspired  Fleur 19 Nov 2013

The young badminton star, Kirsten van der Valk, has set a goal for herself to work her way to the cream of the European crop; her dream is to participate in the Olympic Games. Through her own app (built by her father, André), Kirsten keeps the world up-to-date with her successes and experiences on the badminton court. AppMachine asked André

Amsterdam Dance Event App – The 2013 Remix

AppMachine News, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 10 Oct 2013

The app for the biggest club festival in the world, The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), has once again been made with AppMachine. The app got a thorough 2013 remix: more functionality and a new look.... Read more

Six reasons why you need an app right now

App Building, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 25 Sep 2013

AppMachine allows anyone to build their own apps, from small and medium-sized companies to advertising agencies and from restaurants to sports associations. So why would you want an app when you already have a brochure and a website? We explain below why it is really convenient to have your own app.... Read more

Communication Congress in Berlin with its own app – powered by Helios Media, news aktuell and AppMachine

AppMachine News, Get Inspired  Liz Bollema 25 Sep 2013

This week is the yearly “reunion” of the German PR industry in Berlin. Press spokespeople, PR experts and media professionals come together each september on the Communication Congress to discuss current trends and issues.... Read more

Your own app with AppMachine: four examples from Germany and Austria

Get Inspired, Mobile News  Liz Bollema 5 Sep 2013

After taking the Netherlands by storm since its introduction in June and receiving international acclaim, the Dutch startup now takes on German-speaking territories with an official launch. The following businesses, organizations and individuals already gave AppMachine a spin, resulting in these four apps.... Read more

What’s better? Mobile apps or mobile websites?

Get Inspired, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 29 Aug 2013

What’s best for business and mobile marketing? Mobile websites or mobile apps? The digital marketing company, BarnRaisers, asked 14 marketing experts. Here’s a summary of the results.

5 Business Apps

Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 19 Aug 2013

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.” Nowadays you can easily change ‘advertising’ into ‘app’. Luckily any business can afford and build an app, thanks to AppMachine. These five business apps from very different companies are evidence.... Read more

4 Eventful event apps

Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 18 Jul 2013

How big (or modest) your event may be, a dedicated app will help make it a success. These four events turned to AppMachine to promote their activities or help visitors find their way. Read all about these event apps.... Read more

Bright Day Event app: a skilful example of great app design

Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 23 Jun 2013

The coolest gadgets and the best design. That is what blog and magazine Bright covers. It is “always on the lookout for the latest and most inspiring examples of intelligent technology and design”. That’s why an unending stream of inspiring innovations was showcased during the

“The design of my radio app is even better than I could have ever imagined”

Get Inspired  Fleur 19 Jun 2013

Paul Hattink (62), importer of hi-fi systems as well as a musician, has been in the audio profession for almost forty years. For the last two years, he has been pioneering with a unique Internet radio station — one of the few in the world to stream music with high audio quality. And now the station has a matching app in the shape of Hi On Line, created

7 Tips to promote your app

App Building, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 16 May 2013

You’ve built an app and published it to the stores. Now you have to let the world know that your useful app is available. You want all your customers, colleagues, fans, or members to know that you have an app and that it can be easily installed on your iOS and Android phones. Here are seven tips to promote your app.... Read more

Review of AppMachine – users share their experiences

AppMachine News, Get Inspired  Liz Bollema 1 May 2013

Thousands of apps have been built by people all over the world during the AppMachine beta. The first entirely self-made AppMachine apps to reach the app stores were those of Club Red, a disco in the Dutch town of Leeuwarden, and Travel With

Liberty Day Festival (Bevrijdingsfestival) gets a unique app

Get Inspired  Liz Bollema 1 May 2013

The Bevrijdingsfestival on May 5th is the biggest one-day cultural festival in the Netherlands. A dazzling spectacle of 14 festivals, 40 stages, 250 bands, one million visitors, and… one really cool app built collaboratively using AppMachine.... Read more

DJ Armin van Buuren builds his app with AppMachine

Get Inspired  Fleur 31 Mar 2013

If you have been voted the world’s best DJ many times over, you need a world-class app. That’s why DJ Armin van Buuren selected AppMachine.... Read more

Eleven tips for the app-icon

App Design, Get Inspired  Liz Bollema 26 Mar 2013

What should be the most recognizable aspect of your app? It should be the icon, the app’s hallmark image. Your icon is what sticks in people’s minds as it’s what they look for every time they open your app. This article is about the design of your app icon.... Read more

Seven Mobile Design Trends for 2013

App Design, Get Inspired  Liz Bollema 8 Feb 2013

What are the seven most important mobile trends? What are the latest developments? What will apps look like in 2013? Jerry Lieveld is AppMachine’s UX (User Experience to the rest of us) and Design Director. He has been working on user experience and mobile app design for years. In his view, the trend is simple design.... Read more

Stately Tjaarda Hotel up to date with a modern app

Get Inspired  Liz Bollema 10 Jan 2013

Lush forests, tree-lined lanes, a regal ambiance — and completely up to date with a super-modern, gorgeous AppMachine app. These days, this old-world, four-star hotel — the Tjaarda Oranjewoud — communicates with its guests by way of their smartphones and tablets.... Read more

AppMachine Builds Ferry Corsten’s App

Get Inspired  Liz Bollema 10 Jan 2013

If “Corsten’s Countdown” or “Full On” mean nothing to you, then you’re probably not in the target group for the popular DJ Ferry Corsten. Anyone who does know what we’re talking about should download Ferry Corsten’s Official App built by AppMachine.... Read more