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New Apple Review Guidelines: What it means for you

App Building, App Design, Mobile News  Liz Bollema 7 Sep 2017

Recently Apple published their new App Store Review Guidelines with stricter rules regarding app publication in the App Store. ... Read more

Publishing an app: which account to use?

App Building, Mobile News  Liz Bollema 3 Aug 2017

When you build apps for your customers, it is possible that they don’t yet have their own developer account on the App store. Even though it has been possible to publish those apps on your own account, here are some good reasons not to.... Read more

Google Privacy Policy

Mobile News  Liz Bollema 20 Feb 2017

Recently, Google started communicating with app owners that they need to include a link to a valid privacy policy on the app’s Store Listing page and within the app. The privacy policy needs to be added and the app updated before March 15th, 2017.... Read more

App Design Trend 2017: Pursuit Of Personality Cries Out For Creativity

App Design, Get Inspired, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 3 Jan 2017

Freedom, experimental, creativity, break the borders. Be authentic. Wow! With a design trend like that, all odds are on a happy new year for app designers.... Read more

Apple Store Winter Holiday Schedule

AppMachine News, Mobile News  Liz Bollema 20 Dec 2016

As a reminder: the Apple App Store will not be accepting new apps or app update submissions from December 23 to 27 (Pacific Time).... Read more

AppMachine to discontinue Windows Phone Support

AppMachine News, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 15 Sep 2016

In July 2014, AppMachine released Windows Phone 8 support to its users. However, due to recent changes in Microsoft’s policies, AppMachine has decided to discontinue Windows Phone support. ... Read more

The 2016 Trends In App Design: Clean, Fast, Usability First

App Design, Get Inspired, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 26 Jan 2016

The 2016 trends for app design put a premium on usability with clean and clear being this years’ buzz words. But we also want our apps to stand out. Are you ready for a challenge in app design?... Read more

The 2016 Mobile Market Trends

Get Inspired, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 20 Jan 2016

What to expect this year in the mobile market? An accelerated growth of smartphone usage, more m-commerce and the need for a multichannel mobile strategy.... Read more

Google Starts Promoting Your App

Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 28 Oct 2015

Great news from Google! Users can now directly install your app from Google Search if they search with a mobile device. This means Google could be promoting your app to billions of users.... Read more

What To Expect From iOS 9?

Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 9 Sep 2015

According to Apple its new iOS 9 is “full of enhancements you’ll appreciate every day”. What are these enhancements? Does it improve your digital everyday life? And -to answer your most pressing question- will your apps work properly on iOS 9?... Read more

SMBs Get Sneak Peek Of Mobile Future at SXSW

AppMachine News, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 11 Mar 2015

America’s SMBs will get the first sneak peek of their mobile future at SXWS Interactive 2015. AppMachine partner Endurance International Group is the official sponsor and host of Upload/Download Happy Hour of SXWS and will unveil the first signs of Endurance’s exciting new mobile

Why It Is Time To Have An App

App Building, Get Inspired, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 5 Mar 2015

There’s a new generation of customers using mobile almost exclusively for contact, search queries and purchases. How do you service these mobile customers? With a mobile friendly website or a mobile app? That should not be the question: you urgently need both.... Read more

Get Your Share Of The Holiday Season Sales

App Building, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 1 Dec 2014

Whether it’s clothes, jewelry, toys or electronics you’re selling, you better sell them via the smartphones of your customers. According to several surveys* this year’s holiday shopping season will see a rise in mobile sales with many consumers already using their mobile exclusively for their purchase decision.... Read more

Why Mobile Is Taking Over The Business

App Building, Get Inspired, Mobile News  Liz Bollema 14 Oct 2014

Mobile search, mobile purchase, mobile payment, mobile booking, mobile dating. You name it and it turns mobile. Don’t miss out on the biggest tech revolution since the start of internet and mobilize your business now.... Read more and AppMachine Meetup Renews Future For Web Apps

App Building, AppMachine News, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 19 Aug 2014

AppMachine and JavaScript-based development framework have announced an exciting partnership which enables app builders to build visually stunning mobile web apps without coding. and AppMachine announced their partnership last

MobileBeat 2014: All Eyes On AppMachine

AppMachine News, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 8 Jul 2014

AppMachine will be demonstrating it’s remarkable top rated, robust, code-free app building block platform at MobileBeat, VentureBeat’s focus on the future of mobile, this July 8-9 at the Hilton San Francisco.... Read more

AppMachine Makes a Name at San Francisco Design Week

AppMachine News, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 26 Jun 2014

AppMachine continues to make a name for itself in the US Greater Bay area, California, shows the 9th annual Design Week in San Francisco.... Read more

Amnesty International: “Urgent Action App Can Save Lives”

AppMachine News, Get Inspired, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 17 Jun 2014

A mobile app is an outstanding tool to strengthen user engagement, shows Amnesty International. The Dutch section of Amnesty has recently launched its Urgent Action app with which users can sign petitions and send emails to protest against the abuse of human rights.... Read more

Apps as a Service – Moving Mobile to the Cloud

Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 5 Jun 2014

There’s a paradigm shift taking place in the way mobile apps are sold, built and deployed. Apps are moving to the cloud and a new business model for deploying them is emerging that is a much closer match to cloud services than traditional mobile app development and deployment. Apps as a Service have arrived.... Read more

Accenture: Corporate World Turns to Simpler Modular Apps

Mobile News  Fleur 6 Feb 2014

Large corporations are rapidly moving from complex enterprise applications towards more simple and modular mobile apps, says Accenture in its report  “Every Business is a Digital Business, From Digitally Disrupted to Digital Disrupters”. One of the 5 big trends Accenture foresees is the ´trend of applications´. The development of user friendly

Use of apps grew by 115% in 2013

Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 16 Jan 2014

The use of mobile apps on smartphones and tablets grew 115% in 2013 compared to app use the previous year. The Next Web recently published figures collected by

Your own app with AppMachine: four examples from Germany and Austria

Get Inspired, Mobile News  Liz Bollema 5 Sep 2013

After taking the Netherlands by storm since its introduction in June and receiving international acclaim, the Dutch startup now takes on German-speaking territories with an official launch. The following businesses, organizations and individuals already gave AppMachine a spin, resulting in these four apps.... Read more

What’s better? Mobile apps or mobile websites?

Get Inspired, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 29 Aug 2013

What’s best for business and mobile marketing? Mobile websites or mobile apps? The digital marketing company, BarnRaisers, asked 14 marketing experts. Here’s a summary of the results.

Apple App Store shut down for new app uploads

Mobile News  Fleur 26 Jul 2013

Last week Apple shut down their developer website because an intruder attempted to secure personal information from registered developers. After a week, their site is still closed down. They are currently completely overhauling their development systems, updating their server software and rebuilding their entire database.... Read more

Turbulent Growth in Mobile Apps

Mobile News  Fleur 3 Apr 2013

The use of smartphones and apps is growing at a turbulent pace. The number of active smartphones is expected to reach 1.82 billion this year. Users install an average 41 apps on their mobile phones. This means more than 74 billion apps are active. And the turbulent growth in mobile apps has only just begun…... Read more

True multi-platform apps: for iOS and Android

App Building, Mobile News  Liz Bollema 5 Feb 2013

With AppMachine you only have to create an app once; it will then be immediately suitable for both iOS (iPhone) and Android. Needless to say this requires some prior programming efforts at AppMachine. This time we’ll take a behind-the-scenes look at multi-platform apps.... Read more

AppMachine Goes To Mobile World Congress

Mobile News  Liz Bollema 18 Jan 2013

AppMachine will take part in the GSMA Mobile World Congress from February 25 to 28 in Barcelona. AppMachine plans to make this the site of its worldwide launch. Anyone can use AppMachine to make an app — quickly, easily and at a fraction of the cost. No programming skills are necessary. We’re

Showcase: The AppMachine App!

Mobile News  niels 12 Jan 2013

If you want to make your own app, then you’ll want to know all about AppMachine. How can AppMachine better show what it’s capable of than by showing you our very own app! The AppMachine app is now available — for free — in Apple’s App Store.... Read more

App Store is the biggest. Play Store is catching up.

Mobile News  Liz Bollema 18 Dec 2012

In October of 2012, the Google Play Store saw its turnover from apps grow by 17.9%. During the same period, Apple’s App Store’s profits shrank by 0.7%. The figures were published in the App Annie Index, which is compiled from data for 150,000 apps.

AppMachine: Apps Are the Happening Thing

Mobile News  Fleur 16 Dec 2012

In November of last year, three market research agencies published reports citing trends in smartphone apps. Nielsen reports on the use of social media, IDC sees more people spending money on mobile devices, and comScore’s annual report looks into mobile device use.... Read more