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App Building, Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 19 Feb 2015

Why should any event have its own app? Because it is the way visitors want to communicate: they’re expecting all the information on their smartphone, presented in a clear and pleasurable way. AppMachine enables you to create a professional mobile event app in just hours for the price of a name badge.

Whether it’s an exhibition, congress or festival, events always overload their visitors with information. What’s the schedule? Which attendees? How to get there? Any points of interest in the neighborhood? A mobile event app delivers all information right in the visitor’s pocket. They don’t have to open a browser and find their way through a website, one tap will open the app and unveil your info, lightning fast and clearly presented in an appropriate design.

The benefits of event apps:

Mobile event apps not only pamper visitors of an event, also your event organization will benefit. Just keep your data up to date with Excel and automatically import that data in your event app. Simply add or change speaker biographies.

Keep your content up to date easily

The event information is always up to date: last minute changes can be updated in an app easily. Just go to your CMS, make the changes and update your app. All users will get the most recent version of the app without having to download it again. If you connect to web services or import data from Excel, that data will be updated automatically.

Send push messages to attendees

Communication with attendees  continues on the floor. Simply send attendees of your congress, festival or exhibition a push notification shortly before their workshop starts. A last minute change in the program? Tell all attendees with a push message.

More benefits of event apps

  • Present live video streams
  • Integrate Facebook and Twitter
  • In-app advertising options

Event apps with AppMachine

With AppMachine, you deliver state of the art even apps in just hours or a few days. Your information can be imported using Excels or you even can connect to various web services (GET, POST, JSON). The unlimited design features in our CMS guarantee your event apps will look stunning. Apps your create with AppMachine are all native. This means they can use native phone assets such as GPS and camera and the app also works offline.

With our Lock Block you can even unveil certain information or parts of your event app only to visitors of your event. So you could present a live stream of a workshop just to your visitors. Or broadcast the opening of your festival, congress or exhibition to all your attendees.

Use our easy app CMS to:

  • Add visual Floorplans
  • Present speaker and exhibitors
  • Show Timetables and programmes
  • Connect to web services
  • Unveil certain info just for visitors
  • Sell tickets in the app

You could expect event apps with advanced features like these are insanely expensive. Not so at AppMachine. Our prices start at a month or if you just want an app temporarily for a single event. There are yearly and monthly subscriptions, so you could even pay for just one month.

Dancefair app

One of the most recently built event apps is the Dancefair app where users can find the floor plan, the artists and all the bands on the floor. The app even sells tickets for the fair directly. This app also uses  JavaScript to alter the design automatically and to present the timetable. As you can see, the Dancefair has put quite a lot of effort in the design, especially in the custom made navigation icons. The Dancefair app will be our next App of the Month.

Interested? Download the Dancefair app here.

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